Historical Karşıyaka Don't Touch The Train Station

Historical Karşıyaka Don't Touch The Train Station: Historic Karşıyaka Tender of TCDD as a commercial enterprise despite the suggestions of 'make a museum'. Karşıyakaled to the reaction of the people. Hundreds of people protesting in front of the station wanted the station not to be sacrificed to rent, but to be considered a museum. Mayor Akpınar said: Karşıyaka entrust it to the people. ”

TCDD General Directorate, Karşıyakahas issued a tender announcement for the Historic Railway Station, which is located at the most central point of Turkey. In the historical building of a thousand 659 square meters, only a symbolic part was identified as a museum, and the rest was reserved for commercial activities and announced that he would make a monthly rental of 34 for a thousand pounds. In; This decision shows that commercial activities such as cafes, restaurants, work places, patisseries, winter gardens take place and that a small part of them will be built as a museum. Karşıyakawas greeted by the people.


Historical Karşıyaka Gathered in front of the station Karşıyakapeople protested the decision. The action taken, Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, CHP İzmir Deputy Tacettin Bayır, mukhtars, heads and representatives of non-governmental organizations, hundreds of council members and KarşıyakaHe joined. Signature table was created in front of the station. Collected signatures will be sent to the General Directorate of TCDD said.


President Akpınar “Karşıyakain every project that will affect the future of Turkey Karşıyakalocal dynamics should be taken into consideration and planning should be done with a common mind. The public wants the historical station to be considered as a museum, not a rent. The decision taken is a complete disappointment. This is a mistake and it is essential to return from this error in order not to say 'oh I wish we didn't' years later. The transformation of this station, which has a great place in our memories and memories, into a commercial center, is a betrayal of the history of the city. We were here to say 'stop' to the public that was done without being asked-over. The station must be dedicated to public use. Let's go back to this wrong. Let's make a protocol and design and run this place together. Let's change the architectural project and register it as an open, closed museum area. Here again to the public, Karşıyaka Let the people leave. ”


CHP Izmir deputy Tacettin Bayır said: “They rent the historical station only for 34 thousand pounds. Does TCDD need this money? KarşıyakaThe people collect and pay this price among themselves. Leave us our history. There's nothing left to sell or rent? Give this area to the municipality, let it run like a lion, make a museum. Karşıyaka people do not want this place to be rented as a commercial enterprise. Listen to this voice and step back..


Akpinar, Karşıyaka On behalf of the public to follow the process until the day of the tender announced that they have launched a signature campaign. Akpinar, the first signature after the press release.2021 until the end of the tender with the right to use the tender 15 December 14.00'da TCDD Izmir 3. Regional Directorate will be made by the Immovable Tender Commission.

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