Security with K-9 Dogs in Ankara Metro

Security with K-9 Dogs in Ankara Metro: The specially trained K-9 German wolves of BUGSAŞ, affiliated to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, make a significant contribution to the security measures in metros as an effective and dissuasive element.

X Endo X and ekl Rio ”K-9 dogs, working under the Ankara Underground Protection and Security Directorate against terrorism and public order incidents, are searching with their sensitive noses as an aid to private security personnel at checkpoints. Dogs; It is also a deterrent to those who cause disruptions, causing disasters and causing material damage.

Endo and Rio are also attracting great attention from the citizens, who are given private security training for social purposes and help catch the criminal with special commands. Particularly in Kizilay Metro Station, Endo and Rio are waiting for events in other stations.

They said that the security implementation with dogs was effective and the authorities were under the control of the events taking place in the subways and stated that they had a deterrent effect on the people who could cause incidents.

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