Transportation Plan of Şanlıurfa Ready

Sanliurfa Transportation Plan Ready: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Mayor Farmer UM We currently carry 190 thousand passengers 200 needs a rail system for the passenger, which will be operational at 2019. If the number of passengers reaches to 500 thousand, the metro is needed.

Mayor of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Ciftci said, lı We currently carry 190 passenger, 200 need a rail system for a thousand passengers, which will be operational at 2019. If the number of passengers pass the 500 thousand, it is needed. Yolcu

Ciftci attended the Anadolu Agency Gaziantep Regional Directorate meeting and made a statement about the services in the city.

to social investment in the city indicating that the science works in all areas of conducted extensive studies Farmers reminded that Turkey is the city's youngest province.

Noting that only the student population is 670 bin Çiftçi, every year, 60 emphasized that thousands of babies were born in the city.

About 2 million inhabitants, as well as the 500 thousand, the Syrian refugee hosts the farmer on the Farmer, X This city is a chirping and a very active city. For this reason, continuous roads are opened in Şanlıurfa, continuous junctions and ring lines will be opened. It needs to be increased because the numbers require it. Ar

Metre The width of the roads will be 50 meters “

Regarding the City's Master Plan of Master Plan, they said that they received consultancy services from Istanbul and Kayseri experts and said:

Et In the northern, southern, eastern and western parts of the city, we set up a transportation plan in the stage stage 4. We give priority to passenger density. The project of the first stage is over, we are currently in the tender phase, we will train to 2019. We will start at 2019 on the second stage. 3. and 4. For the stage you'll also start working later. We will be expanding the new routes. 15 July and Martyrs Bridge Interchanges were built at the moment, the Agile Force and next to the waterfall to begin our work. There will be another 4 junction in Karaköprü direction. It will pass the rail system in the middle of the route. We are also working on the south side of the Akçakale side because the 50 meters do not pass the rail system. There will be 3 intersection on the Akçakale route. Currently expropriation is being done on the routes, all kinds of vehicle road capacity is preparation. We're gonna finish our bridge crossings. Our Assembly has already given this authority to our municipality. With the rail system, we will reach the capacity of carrying 500 thousand passengers per day. 190 is now carrying a thousand passengers 200 need rail system for thousand passengers. If the number of passengers exceeds the number of passengers per thousand 500 metro is needed. The rail system starts in 2017 in stages. Ray

In order to relieve the traffic in the city of alternative routes, they are working intensively to work in the Farmer, 3 annually in the completion of the roads and bridged intersections of traffic will be added to the rest, he added.

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