Stoned Tramway in Samsun, Samsun

A stony snowball thrown to the tram in Samsun led to a breakdown of flights: stoned snowballs thrown by the children in Samsun by the children of the vehicle and caused the damage of the expedition led to.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. The event, which occurred between Türkiş Station and Mimar Sinan stations in the Gar-Tekkeköy rail system line operated by the company, caused the 2 light rail vehicle to fail to serve.

In the incident that occurred on Thursday, putting stones into the snowball and throwing 5512 and 5509 trams to the trams during the crossing of the area, the 2 caused the tram and side windows of the tram to be greatly damaged. Because of the cracking of the stone-carved glass, the 2 light rail system, which serves, evacuated the passengers at the appropriate station and moved to the rail-warehouse area in order to perform non-service repairs.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. Operation Manager Sevilay Germi Telci f 15 Ararlık 2016 The thrown stone on the glass on Thursday occurred during the peak period of passenger density. The 5512 number 2 tram driver from the university station has been used to make the announcement that the children in the 9-10 cameras throw stony snowballs to the trams. Security and security units were directed to the region by the Operation Center. In the meantime, the direction of the direction of 5509 tramway thrown into the windshield was thrown into the glass in the glass led to the cracked snowball. On the trams 5521, 5505 and 5507 which pass through the area, the snowballers have caused minor damage on these trams. In the incident, passengers traveling in the tram reacted to the incident while they were concerned. The children who caused the incident were identified by the members of the Police and were informed about the Turkish Criminal Code 152. Substance 3. According to the paragraph of göre communication, energy or public transport in the field of rail or air transportation, intermittent, even if the disruption of the “was initiated on the charge of crime. In addition, we have initiated the legal process as SAMULAŞ to determine the material loss and operation loss on the trams and to collect them from the parties. In order to prevent further damage and disruption, we ask parents to be more sensitive about this issue and to raise awareness of their children. Daha

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  1. While I was a primary school student in 50, we had an READY-BOOK. This book was one of the books that we all read with great pleasure. I can never forget a story in the book even today:
    When a physician travels to the town / village that he needs to go to, he sees a group of children who break the porcelain cups on the telegraph pole and talk to them by taking a break; how to do something harmful and dangerous things with a variety of examples. He continues on his way to the small town / village he wants to go to, but there is a tremendous rush in the village, which makes him very frightened. On the question of a villager explains the problems: the pandemic in the village has emerged, but the villagers reach the related health unit because the telegraph system does not work. Explaining that he is a physician, he conveys what he sees on the way, experiences and immediately begins to struggle with the epidemic to be able to help the children.
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    That's how we were raised. I can't remember once in my life that I throw stones at a telegraph pole cup of mine or my friends next to me, because it wasn't the taboo. Today's children, damage to an outgoing car, throwing snow balls, even throwing stones at the train wagons, thousands of pounds, but the damage of thousands of news was often read from the news. In addition, the stone thrown into a vehicle that goes into speed, the penetration of the glass and the risk of fatal accidents that hit a passenger, is not the sort of thing to be underestimated!
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