President Yılmaza service response in Samsun

Service response to Mayor Yılmaz in Samsun: There was a great reaction from the citizens of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz's call to 'cancel the services' made to businessmen.

Citizens and service drivers reacted to the call of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz to “All of our industrialists should cancel their leased bus and service contracts in 2017”.

Citizens told Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz in their comments, "Take your hand out of the pocket of the citizen!" he reacted. Here are some of those reactive messages:

Emrullah Tok: “Why should I pay for the road so that you will win. Now pull this hand out of the pocket of the citizen. Act according to the situation of the citizen, not your own. "

Seyfi Nazmiye Demir: “How smart you are, workplace services go to the workplace for free. We have workers working for less than the minimum wage, and should they pay for the tram to go? Your mind is in the money in the pockets of the poor people. "

Hacer Kandemir: “Whose idea is it to get off the Atakum cars and walk in the snow until the square? It should also be of the free will of the people to take the bus or tram. Now removing services is the biggest nonsense.

”Derya Fidan:“ Then you can make the tram free of charge. The services are free because you pay too much salary, I could not figure out what this is.

”Ahmet Çavuşoğlu:“ From there, it means that the citizen will come warmed up to the rail system from the Research Hospital. I wonder if the industrial worker is on the rail system.

"Arif Atmaca:" You leave your office car and go everywhere by tram. Then we will go. "

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