Rail System Line Security Meeting from Samsun Metropolitan Municipality

Rail System Line Safety Meeting from Samsun Metropolitan: The newly put into service Gar-Tekkeköy Junction rail system line. kazanAfterwards, a security meeting was held in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality with the participation of all relevant units. At the meeting, security measures to be increased in order to prevent sad accidents from happening again were discussed.

Deputy Director General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Yurt, Head of Science Affairs Serkan Çam, General Manager of Metroray Cengiz Atalar, manager SAMULAŞ A.Ş, authorities, controllers and engineers She attended.

During the meeting which lasted about 2.5 hours, measures to be taken against pedestrians and drivers passing through the rail system lines were discussed. Technical, signaling and mechanical aspects of the lines and trams were not detected in the error or flaw in the meeting understood that the driver and pedestrian inattention or prejudices were decided to take more measures.

29 On the day of November, Tekkeköy district Yasar Dogu Indoor Sports Hall in front of the rail system stop in the assessment of the accident and the meeting of the Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt, who died in the accident, who died in the accident Muhammet Tüfek'a Muhammet Tüfek'a, and the relatives of the relatives wished patience. Yurt said, yaş We had a painful incident. An elderly citizen, entering the train that people should not enter at all, despite all the warnings, walking on the rails of the train, leaving itself almost under the train could not stop and died. Our meeting today was aimed at taking additional measures to increase the safety of the line in order not to experience these accidents again. Our investigations and investigations are continuing. Imiz


Reminding that the Gar-Tekkeköy line was opened for new business, Deputy Secretary General Yurt said, öy This line is very new. As we pass through the industrial zones, we have grade crossings at the entry points of Örnek, İlkadım and 19 May industries, at the district of Cumhuriyet district and at the Tekkeköy intersection. The rail system is a system for the movement of the iron wheel on iron rails. Therefore, there is no braking system that can be stopped immediately as in tires. The stopping distance is longer than for wheeled vehicles. Therefore, we ask all our pedestrians and drivers. The road crossing right along the line is one of the rail system vehicles. If the vehicle passes the pedestrian crossing should be given. Id He said.


Mustafa Yurt who underlined that both pedestrians and drivers had witnessed that they jumped in front of the trams saying li Don't Let Me Do It Anything önüne. Sometimes I see. He jumps in front of the train, thinking that I can pass. This is extremely dangerous. If the panic is stopped, or the vehicle fails, it is not possible to stop the train. Because the rail is slippery, the train cannot stop and it can crash and serious accidents may occur. We invite our people to be sensitive about this. We must leave aside the logic of 'nothing happens to us'. It's happening. There's no chance of bringing that life back when the accident happened. Our citizens should take this into account. Train on the pedestrian, the vehicle should not enter. Em he said.

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