The panic button in taxis will be mandatory

The panic button in taxis will be compulsory: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) has taken some measures to prevent negative incidents in service vehicles and taxis. According to the decisions taken by UKOME, some service vehicles and commercial taxis were obliged to install an in-vehicle video recorder camera and Vehicle Tracking System (GPS) to be supervised by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Security and Gendarmerie. It was also decided to install a passenger and driver panic button on the taxi. The decision can be fulfilled by 31 May 2017.


According to the decision of the UKOME of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality dated 13.12.2016 and numbered 2016/223; personnel, student, non-commercial (8000-9000 series), guest service vehicles and in-vehicle image recorder camera that can be inspected by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Police and Gendarmerie until 31 May 2017 and Vehicle Tracking until XNUMX May XNUMX System (GPS) must be installed.


Also, with the decision of UKOME of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality dated 13.12.2016 and numbered 2016/271, within the scope of security measures in order to prevent sad events and to identify the perpetrators; Until 2 May 31, it was compulsory to install an in-vehicle image recorder camera, vehicle tracking system (GPS), driver and passenger panic button, which can be inspected by the Metropolitan Municipality, Police and Gendarmerie. The taxi driver tradesmen who wish will be able to make a cabin with a special security compartment in accordance with TSE Standards.

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