Car parks brought quality to Uludağ

Car parks brought quality to Uludag: 1 by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. and 2. 1400 car park for 3 vehicles, which has been added to the Hotels Region, has created an image worthy of Uludağ by passing through the annoyance experienced every year. 2. Investigating the parking lot in the 800 car park in the Hotel Zone, Mayor Recep Altepe said that the parking lot problem, which is one of the biggest problems in Uludağ, has been interfered with the initiatives of the Metropolitan Municipality and that the quality of the mountain will increase much more with the new arrangements to be made.

One of the most important natural values ​​of Bursa, Uludag, not only in winter, but the year 12 month to serve tourism, infrastructure, transportation terraces, sports areas, the arrangement of all kinds of important investments in the Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the skiing season, the problem of solving the parking problem he crossed. Due to the lack of parking, holidaymakers parked their vehicles in front of the hotel and on the street prevented the citizens wanting to ski on the road and on the other hand caused unclear image pollution. Pressing the button to eliminate the distress Metropolitan Municipality, 2. Hotels 800 vehicle next to the cable car station in the area, next to the hotel Mosque 400 vehicles and on the Alkoclar Hotel 200 car parking space to provide operators and the public responded to the expectation.

  1. Investigating the parking area of ​​the 800 vehicle in the Hotel Zone, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that they continued to take the steps to make Uludağ more popular. The Ministry of Forestry and Rural Affairs, Bursa Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality, as they have taken all the necessary measures to prevent the emergence of problems in Uludag before the President Altepe, a better quality winter center, said they are moving towards the center. In his speech at the beginning of the biggest shortcomings of Uludag highlighting the arrival of the park, President Altepe, the Metropolitan Municipality of tourism in the region said they had taken over the operation of all parking lots. President Altepe, who stated that the parking areas at the mountain are now kept clean, said: “We do not allow the cars coming to Uludağ to park at random. We direct the vehicles coming to the mountain to the parking areas. In this way, after years of traffic in the hotel region, the traffic was in the first time. We will increase the quality of Uludag with our studies. The winners of both our operators, as well as Turkey Bursa will be, "he said.