Car parks brought quality to Uludağ

Car parks brought quality to Uludag: by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 1st and 2nd Hotels Region kazanThe 1400 car parks with a total capacity of 3 vehicles, which were opened every year, prevented the chaos experienced every year and created an image befitting Uludağ. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who examined the 2-car parking lot in the 800nd Hotel Zone, said that one of the biggest problems in Uludağ, the parking problem, became history with the initiatives of the Metropolitan Municipality, and that the quality of the mountain will increase much more with the new regulations to be made.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has made significant investments in all areas from infrastructure to transportation, from viewing terraces to the arrangement of sports fields, in order for Uludağ, one of the most important natural values ​​of Bursa, to serve tourism not only in the winter season, but also in the 12 months of the year, and to solve the parking problem especially during the ski season. he got it. Due to the lack of parking, the holiday makers parked their vehicles in front of the hotel and on the street, while preventing the citizens who wanted to ski from walking on the road, on the other hand, it caused visual pollution that does not suit Uludağ. Pressing the button to eliminate the problem, the Metropolitan Municipality provided a parking lot for 2 vehicles across the cable car station in the 800nd Hotels Region, a parking lot for 400 vehicles in the area next to the Hotels Mosque and a parking lot for 200 vehicles on the Alkoçlar Hotel. kazanand responded to the expectations of the operators and the public.

  1. Making investigations in the 800-car parking lot in the Hotels Region, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that they continue to take steps to make Uludağ more popular. Stating that the Ministry of Forestry and Rural Affairs, Bursa Governorship and Metropolitan Municipality took all the necessary measures to prevent the problems experienced in Uludağ from occurring before, Mayor Altepe stated that they are rapidly moving towards a higher quality winter center. Emphasizing that one of the biggest shortcomings of Uludağ is parking, Mayor Altepe said that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they have taken over the operation of all the parking lots in the tourism region. Stating that the parking areas on the mountain are kept immaculate at the moment, Mayor Altepe said, “We no longer allow cars arriving in Uludağ to park indiscriminately. We direct the vehicles coming to the mountain to the parking areas. In this way, traffic in the hotels area was regulated for the first time after all these years. With the works we will do, we will increase the quality of Uludağ even more. KazanThe moment will be both our operators, Bursa and Turkey.”

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