Kars Ardahan Iğdır Railways Will Be The Corridor

Kars Ardahan Iğdır Railways will be the Corridor: Minister Arslan, waiting for Serhat Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır'ın not only waiting for Serhat, Serhat should also benefit from the position once again expressed.

Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan Kars, Ardahan and Igdir related to the region and Turkey's development a major contribution boundaries, which will be the door of the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway, High Speed ​​Train, Ardahan airport will be opened in Ardahan, such as the Sahara and Ilgar Mountain tunnel is very important told Serhat Birikim.

Explaining the investments made by the government to the KAI Region to the Political Birikim Newspaper Concessionaire and Reporter Seyfettin Düzçay, Minister Arslan said that his ethics were followed with great enthusiasm, as in Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır.

Stating that the three provinces waiting for Serhat stated that he should benefit from Serhat's position, not only waiting for Serhat, Minister Arslan said: “This is the way to pass the international transportation corridors through Serhat, to reach the west of our country and from the Caucasus. must be accessible to central Asia. Aktaş Border Gate was important. Aktaş Border Gate will allow Ardahan, Kars, Iğdır and Erzurum to easily reach Georgia. Easy access to Georgia means easy access to Azerbaijan via Georgia. We are making a divided road through Ardahan to facilitate this transportation. We are improving the Çıldır road via Arpaçay. We bring it to the A1 standard.

However, the geography between Çıldır and Aktaş Border Gate is a difficult geography. It's a geography where trucks can slip in winter. So he needed a tunnel. We are grateful to our Prime Minister for this matter. Orhan Atalay Deputy Prime Minister in time, Mr. Prime Minister said that we offer the OK. Work started during the period of the Ministry. It was also possible for us to go and lay the foundation. When we first went to Ardahan, we laid the foundation and had a contractor. I hope 2 will increase the lorry mobility especially in that region when we finish in the year. This will make a contribution to the economy and vitality no matter which province is used.


Türkgözü Border Gate Project will be crowned with Ilgar Mountain Tunnels. The expectation of Ardahan, Karsli and Iğdır for years will be scored by the international trade corridor. We are happy that we started the tender of the Ilgar Tunnel in August. Financial offers will now be received after technical competencies have been received. I hope we will start this project with the completion of the tender process. A route of approximately 4.5 km will be created with the 50 km tunnel. We will be able to reach Ardahan easily. With it, we should be able to reduce the load movement of our region in the Black Sea to Iran, Iraq and Syria via Artvin Kars Ardahan Iğdır. In the missing link there was the Sahara Tunnel, the Sahara Tunnel in size, which will be one of the important tunnels of our country. We are talking about a 12-13 km tunnel. Let's get your attention, not the divided road tunnel. Application projects are being prepared in him. As soon as we are finished, we will start building on it. Therefore, we make the region an attraction center when we realize these projects. Of course, there is another project that concerns Artvin-Ardahan-Kars. Unfortunately, Kars, Digor, Tuzluca part was not a divided road. Tender work is over, says road works are going on right now. In this way, we aim to turn all roads descending from our country to the South into a divided road. We call it 17 corridors. When we think across Turkey north - south axis we call it 18 corridor corridor is very important to us.


It is important for us to build and develop new railway lines as much as it is important for us to make a divided road in our country. Kars-Iğdır- Nahcivan Railway Project is also very important for us. Currently, there is a lot of work in the railway project. We have doubled the number of workers and the number of construction machines by about two to three times. Our goal is to start train management at the beginning of 2017. Thus, a train departing from Europe will go to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and then to China through our region. Within the scope of this project, we have very intensive meetings with the transport ministers of the countries on the route. Our goal is to make the transportation routes in the region much more lively. Even revive the old silk road trade line. We just don't want to settle for it. We want to build a new railroad that will connect Kars Iğdır Nakhchivan. Let's take him to Pakistan, Islam Abat. Of course, when we take these two projects and take the fast train to Kars, the region will become an intersection point in terms of railway. In addition to the intersection point as you know we will build a logistics center. It will be operational in 2017. Kars will now become a railway base. And another project we are working on is to include Ardahan in this railway and to give Ardahan a new transportation network.


We said it when we went to Ardahan last. The cost of a Sahara Tunnel means at least 30 airports. Our concern is to realize useful projects for the region. The airport in Kars also serves Ardahan. If we set up an airport in Ardahan, no air company will set up an office there if an airplane will land or take off once or twice a week. At that time, we would have made an image, not a service to Ardahan. We make our small-scale national aircraft in the long run. Then we can reevaluate according to the conjuncture.

Are there additional projects requested by industrialists and businessmen for the logistics center to be completed in 2017?

After you make the logistics center supported by the iron becomes the investor who becomes very contractor. We have done nothing more than 65. As the government, our Prime Minister announced that Kars-Ardahan-Igdir-Agri will be the center of attraction. It's one of those five areas. Therefore, we will make the region a center of attraction. We will give the investor huge support. In addition to this, we will take the products it produces as a state. We will provide all kinds of support from interest-free loans to consultancy.


We are doing commemoration activities and we will continue to do so. If this year is granted, 7 will follow the footsteps of martyrs in January. Of course, Mr. President may come to know that day, but came when he was prime minister. I was there. In January, we will be together with thousands. And whoever has contributed, including you, who has been instrumental in hearing, may Allah be pleased. But especially San. Our President Recep Tayip Erdoğan and Mr. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim is particularly claiming. As you said, the President's grandfather was martyred in Sarıkamış. Of course, it is in Sarıkamış, Çanakkale. Going to the expedition at Sarıkamış at the expense of freezing is at the top of the Martyrdom authority. We could not perceive this, so we always left Sarıkamış in the background. God bless anyone who reminds me. Our young generations come there, experiencing the weather conditions on that day, and descend to Sarıkamış on foot. It is there that they see how this homeland was left to us as a homeland. As our poet said, “if anybody dies for the land, it is the country”. That is where our Martyrs died for that land, our homeland. We will protect our homeland with our young people. ”

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  1. When Kağızman Kars-Igdir-Nakhchivan railway-Tuzluca-Turkey will be the most important and the right project in the history of the republic. However, with this project, a railway from Erzurum to Trabzon is absolutely essential. Even if it costs 100 billion. Because this corridor is the shortest route between southern Asia-Oceania and Northern and Western Europe.