Where is my commuter train

Where is my commuter train: In recent years this city has been removed for the people of this city, the biggest evil Haydarpasa-Arifiye commuter trains for people studying, working in this city.

Salt dry people; they are installed in the rear seat of the automobile cars, and are managed by the drivers of the office and the comfort of commuter commuter trains. Our youth, a large part of our middle age, had passed through these commuter trains.

It was old-fashioned wagons .. Runway .. Toilets would not enter .. Security was inadequate, especially late at night in suburban trains, terrorists would be rascals. Trains did not fit in the timetable, they were usually late. But it was a very important means of transport.

Suburban trains between Arifiye and Haydarpasa were lifted years ago. The train arrived fast. I have nothing to say to Speed ​​Train. Great blessing. But the function of the High Speed ​​Train. Suburban trains were very different. Now, if you ask, they say arasında Pendik-Arifiye is running a suburban train again. Şimdi Yes, there is a train that makes mutual trips to 5 times a day. But it stands in Pendik-Gebze-Izmit-Sapanca-Arifiye.

The commuter train I told was the 8-10 expedition. In Tavşancıl, it stood in Hereke-Yarımca-Derince. Even before arriving at Derbent, some of them even landed at the 42 Evler stop in Izmit. We are making a tram between Sekapark and Hani Bus Station. The suburban train was an urban transport vehicle like the tram. It was cheap. From this city to the universities in Istanbul; Students from Istanbul and Adapazari traveled to KOU and solved the problem of easy and inexpensive transportation by getting on these trains with a monthly subscription card.

They didn't do those old commuter trains. Why is it; I can not understand. They said it was coming in 2014. Then they said that the 2015 would come to the end. 2016 ends. Still no commuter train. Transportation on the rail between the nearby cities is the cheapest, safest and most regular transportation. We've destroyed when we were there.

Last Wednesday we sit by the window at the Geçit Restaurant, which is the founder of the late Mevlüt Günışık. Passed several times YHT (High Speed ​​Train). I saw one of the next-generation commuter trains. In the past, the suburban train passed by several times during the day while sitting by the window at the same place. No more. Kocaeli politics would tell Ankara about the importance of commuter trains for the city before the tram if it was interested in the real problems of this city. We used to go to Tavşancıl, or Haydarpaşa. They took away the most important means of transportation of Izmit, Kocaeli. When the suburban train comes, it doesn't work anymore.

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