Malatya Pink Trambus

Malatyaya Pink Trambus: He said that they ordered the trambuses after many requests were received regarding the 'Pink Trambus' that they could use. SP Provincial Chairman Mahmut Arıkan, who supported this development, said, “We expect the same service from our Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır, who made statements to the press members about the projects to be made and planned to be made in Malatya, stated that the trambus is a very distinguished project and that the transportation will be more comfortable with the new trabuses.

Efficient over our expectations
Underlining that the trambus is much more efficient than their expectations, President Çakır said, “In addition to this, we are extremely pleased that the operating costs are low and that it will meet its own investment over time. If you only consider the prevention of environmental pollution and human health, you will see that this project is extremely essential. In addition, it is very important that it is comfortable and safe. All these reasons I have listed show how important a project the tram is. The time our trambuses are in service is close to 100 percent. We currently have 12 trabuses. We will buy 10 more trams in May or June. With their arrival, the public transport there will be more relaxed, ”he said.

2 trambus will be pink
Noting that university students had a number of demands regarding trabuses, Çakır said, “The most important of these were pink trabuses that only women could use. They even started a campaign about it. We have also taken this demand into consideration and started a study on it. Hopefully, we will take 2 trabuses only for our female passengers. Trambuses are currently on the production line, and our discussions continue on this issue. We said that the colors of the trams are different. 2 trabuses will be pink "he said.

Support message from Arikan
Saadet Party Provincial Chairman Mahmut Arıkan, who made a statement on Facebook on his personal social media account, said, “We congratulate Mayor Ahmet Çakır for putting the 'Pink Trambus' project into service, taking into account the sensitivity of the society in Malatya. He commented that we expect the same service from our Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

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