In the Bağbaşı Plateau


In the Bağbaşı Plateau that wants to see the snow: In the history of Denizli, Teleferik, which is the stopover point of Denizli and its guests from the surrounding cities, continues to be the center of attention.

Since its commencement in Denizli, Teleferik has been the center of attention for the guests from Denizli and the surrounding cities.

A new dimension to the social life of citizens in Denizli kazanThe users of the cable car, which is built for climbing, almost do not leave empty cabins. Citizens, who learn that there is snow on the Bağbaşı plateau at an altitude of 500, take the road to the cable car facilities in Bağbaşı to see snow and get away from the stress of the city. Visitors, who take the cable car to Bağbaşı plateau and see that snow is added to the natural beauties here, return quite satisfied with their activity.

At the height of the 1500 meter, citizens cannot help themselves to play snowballs.

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