İsa ApaydınUIC was elected vice-president

İsa ApaydınWas elected as vice president of UIC: TCDD General Manager and Chairman of the Board İsa ApaydınElected as vice president of the International Railways Association (UIC) - the 5 member of the UIC 195 continent, which is the largest organization in the field of railways.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director and Chairman of the Board İsa Apaydınto St. At the 89th Plenary Session of the UIC in St. Petersburg, he was unanimously appointed as vice president.

Apaydin, between railway companies and railway unions worldwide to improve business established to carry out any activities related to the development of transport uıc'y, was elected the first executive from Turkey.


Being the largest organization in the field of railways worldwide, UIC has 5 members from 195 continents. Integrated railway companies, infrastructure managers, railway or combined transport operators, towing vehicles and service providers can become members of the UIC, which was founded in 1922 and is headquartered in Paris.

The association has 5 regional councils, including Africa, America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. As of 2007, TCDD is a member of the Middle East Regional Council, and as of 2008, as a member of the European Regional Council.

Apaydın was elected as the president of the UIC Middle East Regional Board held in Istanbul on June 3, 2016.



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