Akçaray tram project infrastructure works progressively

The infrastructure work of the Akçaray tram project continues uninterrupted: The construction phase of the Akçaray tram project, which is the first and most important step of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's rail transportation period, continues uninterruptedly. In Akçaray, which will operate mutually in the 7,2 kilometers between İzmit Intercity Bus Terminal and Sekapark, infrastructure works have been completed to a great extent. On the one hand rail track works continue, while the production of tram cars in the factory in Bursa continues.


After the commencement of the activity, the tramway project, which will greatly relax the traffic in the city center of Izmit, has been a major step in infrastructure work. Trolley rails are installed at the points where the displacement works are completed throughout the construction area.


In order not to create a traffic problem, excavations are not carried out at some intersections. Excavations at these intersections covering the distance of approximately 500 meters will be carried out in such a way that the traffic conditions are not disturbed. Excavation works continue only in Sahabettin Bilgisu Street during the tram works, and when the works are finished, the line excavation and filling works will be completed in the tram construction work.


6 pieces transformer building production in tramway works has ended. Plastering works have been completed in the transformer buildings and the building works are continuing. The basic manufacture of the catenary poles carrying the wires from which the tram cars will be energized continues. Within the scope of these productions, 5 meters can be used in different lengths. Kataner poles were brought to the warehouse. Continuity of the line installation work will be passed.


Construction of the upper fill of the tram line continues. Gazi Mustafa Kemal (GMK) Boulevard, this work continues, the crossing of pedestrians was provided in the leveled parts. In the pavement production along the boulevard is the end. When the concrete works are finished, the coating works will be started. The productions that will enable pedestrians to move safely, are about to be completed.


In the electricity works, the excavation of the lines that will feed the tram, the excavation works from Alikahya Downloader Center to the transformer center 6 and from Seka Downloading Center to the transformer center 2 has been completed.


During this work, the measures taken by the Metropolitan in order to ensure that the tradesmen and the citizens are affected in the least way. Mobile pedestrian bridges are installed in order to prevent the disruption of the transportation of the citizens at the points where infrastructure works continue, and alternative routes are created for the vehicles. Infrastructure works are completed in the fastest way, and the upper structure immediately goes into the installation of the rails. The roads at the places where the superstructure and superstructure are completed are opened to traffic immediately.


After Akçaray service, the bus station with Sekapark Bus Station-Yahya Captain, District Governor-N. Kemal Lisesi-East Barracks, Governor's Office, Fair, the new Friday-Fevziye Mosque-Gar-Sekapark will take the route. Akçaray; The 7,2 route will consist of 11 stations on the 24 kilometer. The first stage of the 12 pieces tramway vehicle is scheduled to arrive at 6 every minute in a minute. Tram cars will be 300 passenger capacity. Akçaray is planning to carry 16 passengers per day.

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