High Speed ​​Trains surprised items forgotten

High Speed ​​Trains are surprised in the items forgotten: High Speed ​​Train to be forgotten in the items under the register of gold in a private room is stored safely and waiting for the application of the owners, meticulous practices are appreciated by the passengers.

Since the day of service and attracted the attention of citizens who have received great appreciation of the forgotten items in the YHT'ler is quite remarkable. After each trip, the announcement is made before the arrival, while the citizens can still forget their belongings in the HRCs. After the expeditions, they are searched by officials and recorded if any items are found.

Even a baby stroller can be forgotten
According to the season, sunglasses, umbrellas and coats, such as forgotten items in the train, sometimes comes to mind the materials that draw attention. Forgotten items in bags, mobile phones, jewelery, ID cards and even baby carriages are stored and stored in private rooms. Some of the lost items, which are stored in these rooms for a year and cannot be reached, are destroyed, while the goods which are not taken there are evaluated and transferred to the public.

Citizens are satisfied with this service
Some citizens who came to Eskişehir with YHT pointed out the need for this service and expressed their satisfaction. Stating that citizens who lost their belongings should go to the 'lost property offices' at the stations, the citizens stated that the passengers should be a little more careful.



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