The Governor Davut Gül is the locomotive of the railway sector, TÜDEMSAŞ.

Governor Davut Gül is the locomotive of the railway sector: TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan said: Demiryolu We are an organization that gives importance to education and production. Val

I Side Industry Industrial Maintenance-Repair Staff Training Project Career Day Kültür conducted by Sivas Special Provincial Administration and supported by TÜDEMSAŞ was held at Cumhuriyet University Cultural Center.

The program, held at the Atatürk Cultural Center of the Cumhuriyet University, started with a silence and reading of the National Anthem. Then the promotional film of the project was shown to the participants.

The Governor of Sivas Davut Gul, who spoke at the program, stressed that one of the most important problems of our time is unemployment. Gul said, Val You are the ones who will understand this. You see in your surroundings, in your own life and in the future. But you also know that unemployment is not desperation. When we look around, we all know that qualified staff is a sought-after employee and that unemployment is not a problem for them and that finishing a university or a vocational high school does not mean working in the state. The important thing is to be qualified, ”he said.

Davut Gül, the governor of Sivas, noted that TÜDEMSAŞ has an extraordinary experience and that they have benefited from this experience:'n In the project presented by the Sivas Special Provincial Administration, it was decided that the trainees became more qualified with the contributions of Cumhuriyet University, Public Education Center and İŞ-KUR. stated that AŞ TÜDEMSAŞ has an extraordinary experience. We use their experience. TÜDEMSAŞ is one of the locomotives of this sector in Sivas. In the following days, with its subsidiary industry, especially in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, we expect to meet the expectations in Sivas. Hay He said.

Providing information about TÜDEMSAŞ, Koçarslan underlined that it is an organization that gives importance to personnel training as much as production.

Koçarslan said, hizmet As TÜDEMSAŞ, 77 has been serving the railway sector for freight wagons and repairs for years. Together with our sub-industry and subcontractor companies, we have close to 2300. As TÜDEMSAŞ, in order to compete with the world in the railway sector, we need to make every moment of our works in accordance with the standards in the project, production, control and material delivery time. As TÜDEMSAŞ, we have been working with the organizations that will benefit from my knowledge and experience about the railway sector, which operates in Turkey and abroad for the trainings of our employees in recent years. We are an organization that gives importance to the trainings of our personnel as much as production. Personel


Indicating that their goal is to turn Sivas into a freight wagon center, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan said, Yük Our goal is to develop the freight wagon industry in Sivas by means of the National Freight Wagon project with the new freight wagon projects we have developed with our R & D works and to make Sivas the freight wagon base. How do we do that? Workers, engineers, university, academics. All in all together Net

Koçarslan also gave information about the project, Proje 3. We established the most well-equipped Resource Training Center within the body of TÜDEMSAŞ. To date, we have started to serve the other steel construction industry, which has continued its activities in Sivas, primarily our own employees and the rail side industry. In this context, as a result of the 80 hourly theoretical and practical training given by our Welding Engineers in our Resource Training Center, we have provided a certificate of welder with international validity above 1000. In the framework of the protocol made with the Provincial Directorate of National Education under the auspices of our Governor in order to contribute to the lack of qualified welder in our province and to contribute to employment in the last year of Industrial Vocational High School students to educate as a welder and immediately after graduation to find a project under the leadership of our company have been continuing. On the other hand, within the framework of a protocol signed between Cumhuriyet University Rectorate and our Company, it was aimed to prepare prospective engineers for the industry with an education study project aimed at increasing the practical knowledge of the resource before graduation of the last year students of the Engineering Faculty. In addition, within the framework of another signed protocol, they continue their education in various units of our Company in the form of workplace training in a period of last year students at the Faculty of Technology. Thus, after graduation, 3 will start their business life with a monthly experience. We, as TÜDEMSAŞ, are open to any kind of project for the closure of qualified personnel shortage. Together, we need to work hard for the development of our country and to produce more. Hep

Addressing students, Koçarslan said, al No matter what position we are in, let's be the best in our field, no matter what we do! I wholeheartedly believe that each of us is better than our present situation, to be more happy, to be more successful inanıy We want! But I say that being better not to be the best! I wish you a happy, peaceful life with your family, your wife and loved ones. A

Alpay Özkan, the President of TEGEV, who attended the program as a speaker, shared his experiences with the guests. Shape your university years in accordance with a goal you have set. Do more research by doing research. "said.

Career days ended in a question and answer form.

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