With Google Transit, you can reach public transport information with a click

With Google Transit, you can reach public transportation information with a click: With Transit feature added to Google Maps, public transportation information in Istanbul and Ankara comes to computer, tablet and smartphone screens.

There are train and bus lines in Ankara, ferry, sea bus, metrobus, tram, Marmaray and some dolmuş lines in Istanbul. In addition, the system provides stops and routes for more than 1100 lines.

Google made available in Turkey Google Transit feature allows user can get directions to go before the other by car or on foot from one point, buses can take advantage to go to the same place, tram, public transport such as metro and ferry routes, stops and fares information can also be accessed via Google Maps.

Istanbul and millions of people as well as those living in Ankara, Turkey's largest two of these two cities located in the metropolis of tourism or as many as visiting for business people at the address they wish, thanks to Google Transit, such as historic sites or eat and drink and entertainment venues will also reach important points by public transport.

In Ankara, there are buses and subways, and in Istanbul, in addition to the ferry, tram, Marmaray and some minibus lines, the system provides stops and routes for more than 1100 lines.

How is it used?

All users need to do to take advantage of Google Transit is to search for where they want to go from the computer or the Google Maps app on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and then click Transit / Public Transport for directions. The Google Maps app can be easily installed from app stores for Android as well as iOS-based devices.

Google Transit, which covers more than one million stops in 2800 city around the world, will reflect the line, route and tariff information previously provided by the relevant institutions for public transportation options in Istanbul and Ankara at the start of the service.



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