Prime Minister Fahrettin Altay Opens Narlıdere Metro Project

Narlidere Subway
Narlidere Subway

Prime Minister Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere Metro Project Signed: The Fahrettin Altay - Narlıdere Engineering School Light Rail System project, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been waiting for months to start work, will be 7.2 kilometers long, was opened for signature with the support of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.

The cost of the Fahrettin Altay - Narlıdere Engineering School metro line of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be 280 million Euros. In order to be able to borrow in a project to be made with international financing, the Ministry of Development has to include the project in the annual investment plan. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım stepped in for this and it was announced that the decision of the High Planning Council was opened for signature to include the 7.2 kilometer Fahrettin Altay - Narlıdere Engineering School metro project in the 2017 investment program. Following this decision, the operation of the 7.2-kilometer metro line, which will include Balçova, Çağdaş, Dokuz Eylül University, Güzel Sanatlar, Narlıdere, Siteler, District Governorship stops, will start in 2017 with this decision. The line is aimed to be commissioned in 2020. When the line is completed, the Izmir Metro will be operated between Evka-3 and Narlıdere District Governorship, with a line length of 19 kilometers and 17 stations.

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