Erzurum Metropolitan Tourism Promotion Station in Anatolia

The Tourism Promotion Station of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality: The Tourism Promotion Station of the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum introduces the tourism destinations of the city by going through Anatolia. Ejder3200 World Ski Center, Konaklı Ski Center, historical and touristic places of Erzurum, EYOF 2017 tourism figures in the city introduced the tourism truck, Konya, Antalya and Izmir citizens introduced the world of Dadaslar. 3 thousands of kadayif stuffed dessert was distributed in 10 city in the Anatolian tour where Kardaş and his mascot Kardaş also took part. About 50 A thousand people visited the Tour of the citizens of Erzurum about the promotion of various leaflets were given. Konya, Antalya and Izmir, sipping the samovar tea with the sugar kıtımlayan citizens lived in Erzurum on a full day.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ali Rıza Kiremitci and other officials participated in the three provinces, the martyrs of the inhuman violence in Aleppo in the mercy of the people who have achieved the mercy of God and were prayed for. Secretary General Kiremitci stated that: önemli Erzurum is one of the most important centers of our country with its historical importance and many other opportunities. In the winter tourism in Turkey ranks first point. That is to say, those who love skiing when they come to Erzurum say that 'the skiing facilities in Erzurum, nature conditions are not in any province of our country.' Erzurum is also one of the most important ski resorts in the world. During this ski season, we expect domestic and foreign tourists and our citizens in Erzurum.

In February, there is the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOF) in Erzurum. This festival is one of the most important sport organizations in Europe. 40 will compete in Erzurum with approximately one thousand winter games from the country. At this point, we want to remind you, let us live, let us breathe the air of Erzurum in the provinces where the expatriates of Erzurum live, and we will remind you of the ski season and EYOF. The eyes of our fellow countrymen, association chairmen, lady sisters, laughed at the sight of us. We were very happy. We are always pleased to welcome you in Erzurum. Siz


Secretary General Kiremitci, with investments and projects in Erzurum has become a growing city, he said. Secretary General Kiremitci said: kayd Erzurum is one of the most immigrant cities like other Anatolian cities. Of course there are various reasons for migration. First of all, we are working hard to stop this migration and bring back those who left before. We know that 1980 is the first 10 province in Erzurum in the early years of 8. It was in order. Those who remember the 80 will know this. Erzurum was a very important center. When it gives a lot of migration, there are also some capital and other accumulations. I hope we're trying to pull it together. Turkey is growing, Erzurum is developing. Approximately 3 years, we have received significant distances from the point of slowing down and stopping migration. The face of Erzurum began to change. He began to gain that important position in history again. Erzurum, the 2-3 will change and become a more important center after years.,

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