Erciyesi will recognize the world

The World Will Recognize Erciyes: Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that they started a promotion attack with the opening of the new season in Erciyes, and said that the whole world would recognize Erciyes. President Çelik noted that domestic and foreign tourism services are provided with a capacity of approximately 1450 beds, 5 in Erciyes and 6 thousand in Kayseri city center.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that ski lovers are served with 34 tracks in Erciyes. Stating that they see Erciyes as a development project for our city and country and invested approximately 200 million Euros in this direction, President Çelik said that they started to reap the fruits of the investment made.


Stating that Erciyes Winter Tourism Center is one of the most important ski resorts not only in our country but also in the world, President Çelik said, “We have put an idle value of our city and country into the service of the world with a great investment. 26 million m2 and the property is fully installed in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, the Municipality owned by ski again a first in Turkey 'mountain management' function has been established with companies Kayseri Erciyes Inc. is managed by a professional staff from a single source. This example is in Turkey with the shape of a 'mountain management model' has been carried out and the whole of Erciyes has become one ticket submitted an application with great convenience to ski lovers. We have 102 ski tracks with a length of 34 kilometers of different difficulty levels. The length of our mechanical facilities such as 18 different chair lifts, cable cars and gondolas, known as 'cable cars' among the public, has reached 22 kilometers. In addition to these, facilities such as 4 moving bands, children's playgrounds, training areas, sledding areas and baby lifts, snowtubing and climbing walls to feed non-ski entertainment activities have also been created in Erciyes.


Expressing that they will host many different national and international competitions throughout this season, President Mustafa Çelik said, “We will crown our events with the 'FIS Snowboard World Cup' that will be held on March 4, 2017. As it is known, we successfully organized the Snowboard European Cup in 2015 and the World Snowboard Cup, one of the most important activities of winter sports, in 2016. Giving the World Cup to Erciyes for the second time has been a source of pride for our city and country. These championships brought international organization experience to our city. kazanis rising. These organizations are of great importance not only for the promotion of Erciyes but also for the promotion of our country.”


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the investments in Erciyes have been completed to a great extent and that they are now starting work for national and international promotion. Stating that they started the promotion of Erciyes with sponsorships in some news channels, President Mustafa Çelik said, “We had not started the promotion in Erciyes due to the ongoing investments and the insufficient number of beds in our accommodation facilities. However, the number of social areas and accommodation units increased with the investments made. Currently, there are accommodation facilities with a capacity of 1450 beds in Erciyes and 5 thousand beds in our city center. We have reached a total bed capacity of 6 thousand 500. Therefore, we invite ski lovers from our country and all over the world to Erciyes. In this sense, we planned a series of promotions. In this context, we promote Erciyes with sponsorships in some news channels. Over time, we will do a series of works, especially fairs. We will try to make the whole world know Erciyes ”.

Reminding that approximately 2015 million visitors came to Erciyes Ski Center in the 16-2 season, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Çelik also announced his goals for the new season. President Çelik stated that they expect 2016 million visitors in the 17-2,5 season.

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