Details of Rail System in Trabzon

Details of Rail System in Trabzon is Clear: Light rail system meeting was held in Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality During the meeting chaired by Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, the light rail system to be brought to Trabzon by the Metropolitan Municipality was brought to the table from A to Z.


After the meeting, the Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality made evaluations on the subject. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, said they continue to work in order to bring to Trabzon rail system. Or As our fellow citizens know, rail system projects are being carried out in Trabzon along the horizontal line, belirt says Gümrükçüoğlu. Açık These projects are detailed in the previous explanations, including the Akyazı region from the Airport-KTÜ C Gate. In terms of project preparation, from Akyazı to Akçaabat district and from Airport-KTÜ C Gate to Yomra district, project preparation will be continued to cover this distance. Proje

We plan to start construction at the end of 2017

Emphasizing that they planned to start the construction of the rail system at the end of 2017, Mr. Gumrukcuoglu summarized the following: . After the projects are completed, all information will be provided to the public and the demands of the public, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations and our people will be taken into consideration. After increasing the number of trips, increasing the number of trips, public transportation as well as the implementation of the Kanuni Boulevard; service will be made available.


While developing the road network in this way, our Prime Minister Mr. Binali Yildirim was informed by the public in recent Trabzon visits that the projects continued in order to bring our railway to Trabzon, and until the 2023-2025 years, Trabzon was being brought together with the railway. In the services of the boulevard, with the rail system combined with the railway lines of the highways, public resources will be contacted with other public institutions in order to realize the public resources without wasting. We believe that in the years to come, we will leave a better Trabzon to our region, our country and the world.



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