Railway is our future

Future Rail: Railroads, although safer and more environmentally friendly modes of transport compared to other transport modes is still the least used method of transport in Turkey. Only two percent of the export value in terms of securities to be made in Turkey are transported by railways. The fact that the railway infrastructure in the Black Sea is not at the desired level stands out as the most important reason for increasing the migration level.

While the Far East and European countries consider railway operations as the basic condition of economic, social and cultural development, a large part of the nation's savings is trashed with the crooked transportation system in our country. Therefore, the share of iron transportation should be increased without further delay in the transportation policy. The state's support for the production of freight and passenger car sets by the private sector and the liberalization of train operations will also reduce the cost pressure caused by the enterprise.

Turkey, neglected railways to improve the international competitiveness of the transport and developers should make arrangements to provide modern services to commercial and industrial conditions. As in the countries with success in the rail system, TCDD should be provided with an autonomous structure in order to protect itself from external interference in its operations. Believing in the importance and necessity of the railway, the establishment of the railway institute will be rapidly expanded as a necessity of railway transportation.

The main reason underlying development differences and unemployment among regions is that investments vary greatly by regions. Considering that iron networks surround the Black Sea, there is no doubt that these differences will disappear and every corner of our country will have the same advantages in terms of transportation. Railways are the first priority for the Black Sea because they are the engine power of economic, social and cultural life.

I call out to the President; The logistics future of the Black Sea will be determined by the railway sector, which loses its competitiveness in the face of the unbalanced and uncontrolled growth of the road in freight transport. I am calling the Prime Minister. As a region, our biggest strategic deficiency is the railway. The most serious problem of trade and investment is transportation. It is breaking the competitiveness of our shipping area. With the railway, these costs will decrease and the 'life' will come to the economy of the region. The ruling and opposition representatives of the Eastern Black Sea region should be aware of this importance and give the railways the value they deserve. Thanks to the iron rails and the trains moving on them, separations will be shorter and reunions will be quicker.

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