Burulaş Aviation Istanbul - Bursa Now 25 Minutes

Burulaş Aviation Istanbul - Bursa Now 25 Minutes: Burulaş, which provides comfortable transportation to Bursa residents with the rail system, bus and tram in urban transportation, connects Bursa with sea and air transportation to many points in the region, especially Istanbul, with innovative solutions in air transportation. continues; These services are offered to yakala.co subscribers at great discounts.

Between Helitaksi and Istanbul-Bursa 25 Dk.
The Members of Grab.co does not know what is now remote; No longer bored on long journeys, nor distances. If you skip to Helitaksi or pass through Istanbul in a few minutes by helicopter from one side to the other, or between Bursa and Istanbul, 25 glides across the blue with a Helitaxi or Seaplane in minutes, enjoying a super discounted enjoyable journey!

Foggy-Kadıköy Airport-Şişli /Kadıköy Fast Solution to Cross Traffic!
The solution for the quick and comfortable transportation of the swift.co members is from Burulaş! Great discounts for both Helitaksi flights to Bursa and Istanbul / Gemlik to Halic Sea flights between Bursa and Istanbul.

Thanks to Burulaş from Istanbul to Bursa half an hour between the Sea Plane with catch.co'liler, 2 city with Helitaksi 25 flies in minutes. Helitaxis offers an important transportation alternative to the business world that wants to use the time concept which has become the most important value of the age.

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Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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