Bursada Otomobil Flew to Merinos Metro Station

What is Bursaray Emergency? When was Bursaray founded?
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Automobile Flying to Merinos Metro Station in Bursa: 32-year-old MOG, whose license was confiscated two months ago on the grounds of speeding in Bursa, dived into the metro station with his vehicle this time.KazanAfter that, the driver Gerez got stuck in the car. 112 Emergency Service and firefighters, who came to the scene with the notification of the citizens, rescued the injured MOG from the place where he was stuck and took him to Çekirge State Hospital. It was learned that Gerez was in good health.

The accident occurred at around 03.30 at the Central Osmangazi district, Mudanya Yolu Bursaray Merinos Metro station. Allegedly, his license was confiscated by the police teams on the grounds that he filled the 100 penalty points, and lost control of the steering wheel while traveling with his 16 NRS 56 plate vehicle from MO Kent Square to the direction of Sırameşeler. First, the car, which was dragged 150 meters by hitting the electric pole on the road and then the iron barriers, dived into the Merinos Metro Station. The rolling car was suspended down the escalators of the underpass.

KazanAfter that, a larger crane was called when the crane that came to pull the car out of its roll was insufficient. The fact that the incident happened late at night prevented a disaster. The escalator became unusable during the accident. Police teams found an empty beer bottle inside the vehicle during their investigation, and an investigation was launched into the accident.

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