Bursa Teleferik Inc., the world's safest transport of the cable car

Bursa Teleferik Inc., Teleferik the safest transportation in the world: Bursa Teleferik Inc., made statements about the press.

In recent days, a hotel in Uludag as a result of the failure of the ski lifts citizens stranded in the situation of citizens in this situation seems to be stranded in the citizens stating that they were victims of this issue, Bursa Teleferik Inc. Chairman Ilker Cumbul, tel There have been some recent news in the media. Citizens stranded in the ski lift seemed stuck in the cable car. We continue to work at full speed with 7 technician 30 technicians at Teleferik A.Ş. I guess there are pauses that do not exceed 30 seconds. Other than that, our facilities work very well. 40 annual ski lifts are used in various ski centers and necessary precautions are not taken. The problems with the chairlift have been shown to be on the ropeway. This is the world's longest ropeway. Still, the safest exit vehicle to Uludag is the cable car. Hala

Despite the statements of Cumbul, the ropeway was shaken to the public.

In addition, a mobile tariff tariff, the cable car company continues to attract the reaction of the residents of Bursa.

Because of the exorbitant tariff applied, transportation to Uludağ has become more economical.

While a favorable tariff should be set for incentives for public transport, the implementation of an opposite price policy brings harsh criticism on social media.


Last 18 In December, 35 people were stranded in the ski lifts in Uludağ, one of the favorite centers of winter tourism. According to information obtained, the flock of the citizens flock to the peak of the season, with white ski lifts wanted to enjoy the Uludag.

Citizens who enjoyed the view with the bined chairlifts and experienced panic experienced the failure of the system.

When the fault could not be solved as soon as possible, the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate (AFAD) and the Uludağ Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Team (JAK) took action.

The teams reached the scene in a short time, intermittently hung up in the air to reach the ski lifts made great effort. Rescue teams reaching out on snow engines and lowered individual citizens.

Approximately 15 is downloaded, the other people learned that the rescue work continued.

In addition, Bursa Teleferik, which connects Bursa with Uludağ and is the longest non-direct cableway line of the world with 9 kilometers, has been reflected on the citizen's camera. Citizens complaining about the ongoing difficulties during the day, the authorities asked him to find a solution.

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