Turks suffered after a train accident in Bulgaria

After the train accident in Bulgaria, the Turks became victims: The slowness of the speed of rescue and repair works after the train accident in the Turkish village in Bulgaria was criticized by the residents of the region.

The head of Hitrino (Şeytancık) village headman Nureddin Basri İsmail, in the northeast of Bulgaria, said that the rescue and repair works in the village were slow after the explosion in the gas train.

Ismail, in his statement to the journalists, stated that he tried to voice the demands of the people at the crisis desk meeting created after the explosion, but that he was removed from the meeting by the Minister of Interior, Rumyana Bicvarova. Maybe things that I didn't need to hear would be discussed. Maybe my persistent attitude has disturbed someone. ”

Muhtar Ismail, "the speed of recovery and repair work is not satisfied." He said.

Residents of Hitrino who live next to their relatives living near the village also stated that they left their guests in a difficult situation in the places where they were staying, and they stated that they stayed in one room.

Fire Department Director Nikolay Nikolov made the work of the pressure on the rescue and repair teams, the public can return home when security is provided, he said.

Authorities, the foreigners to enter the village 120 police do not work, the village becomes unusable in the village outside the house 26 announced that electricity and water will be given gradually.

The Bulgarian Red Cross Organization, the Grand Mufti of Muslims in Bulgaria and the opposition Movement of Rights and Freedoms (MRF), the majority of which were members of the Turks, launched an aid campaign to support the people of Hitrino. HRS MPs will be donating their salaries to Hitrino's charity campaign this month.

It was stated that the prosecution's investigation into the explosion that took place on 11 December in Hitrino continued.

7 all Turkish origin died and the 26 house collapsed at the crisis table, and the gas-carrying 29 wagon was pulled from the region.

Source : www.dunyabulteni.net

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