Attack with Molotov Cocktails at Atina

📩 16/12/2018 15:05

Attack on Trolleybuses with Molotov cocktails in Athens: 3 trolleybuses burned down in Athens, the capital city of Greece, became unusable as a result of thrown Molotov cocktails.

On Patission Street near the neighborhood of Eksarhia, a group stopped 3 trolleybuses, and after lowering the passengers inside, poured flammable materials into the vehicles and threw the molotov cocktail.

3 trolley bus became unavailable after the fire crew intervened. Meanwhile, the police took intensive security measures in the vicinity of the street where the scene was closed for a while.

In Eksarhia district, there is frequent confrontation between the groups who define themselves as “anti-order anarchists” and the police.

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