Antalya's New Trams At The Trial As 2 Set

New Trams of Antalya in Trial Time as 2 Sets: 18 Hyundai Rotem trams purchased by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality go on trial runs as 2 sets.

All trams purchased by Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department for Antray 2nd Stage Aksu and Airport lines were brought to Antalya from Hyundai Rotem factory in Sakarya. While the new trams whose trials are completed are put into operation, other trams go after the trams that are in operation and go on trial runs. Some of the new trams go on trial sets as a double set to avoid disruption in rail system traffic.

The new trams are expected to begin carrying passengers after the trial runs are completed. In the first months of 2017, the Fatih-Airport and Fatih-Expo lines of the Rail System are planned to operate at full capacity.

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