Alanya Castle will be on cable car in April 2017

Alanya Castle April 2017'de Going on Cable Car: The last council meeting of the Municipality of Alanya 2016 was held. After the meeting where all the agenda items passed unanimously, President Adem Murat Yücel gave a good news about the construction of the ropeway. Yucel, "2017 in April, together we will ride the cable car together," he said.

The last Assembly Meeting of 2016 was held in the Assembly Hall under the chairmanship of Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel. President Yucel, Damlatas Street in front of the guesthouse next to the Alanya Castle to be installed in the ropeway gave good news about the system. ”We will get together in the 2017 ropeway in April,” said President Yucel, and he said that the project continues in consultation with relevant institutions.

After completing the ropeway line between Damlataş and Ehmedek, it will be possible to relax the traffic of the fortress which is concentrated in the summer months as well as the large tour buses that damage the historical texture will not be allowed to go to the castle. Thus, preserving the natural texture of the castle will prevent the damage of cultural heritage.

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