Akçaray targets 21 April

Target in Akçaray 21 April: Nowadays, if you enter the official website of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, you will see the 500-30 logger remaining in the esi Tram Calendar Calendar geri numberer, which is starting to count down from the 35 day.

3 February 2007 in Izmit, the railway station Akçaray between the bus station was working. It did not. There's no point in discussing why it's not over the intended time. The executives of the Metropolitan Municipality said, darbe 15-1 in the environment created by the 2 July coup attempt stopped all work. The main reason for the delay in the tram project is the disruption of the works in this period. Tram I think it's easy to connect the whole delay to the 15 July initiative, and to just hold FETÖ as responsible. But as I said, there is no longer any point in discussing it.

Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Assoc.Prof.Dr. Büyükakın, "Our goal for the trial of the tram 21 April," he said. According to Büyükakın, things are now going as planned. A new delay is not foreseen.

After the construction of the tramway is completely over, skip the bus station Akçaray'a, let us leave Sekapark'a. Tramway business is a delicate job. Trial expeditions will be made. I looked at 21 April, which was pointed out by Secretary General Büyükakın. It's Friday. If everything goes as planned, 21 April 2017 will launch a tram to Izmit on Friday. That's a delicate job. People will not be taken to the tram to the trial. But the weight of the trolley to reach full weight will be loaded with sand bags. This is how the railroads have been tested all over the world.

Izmit's tramway, 21 will move on its route with the weight of the sandbags in April. Measurements will be made in this order. Stations at the stations, the tramway how many kilometers of speed will move, curvature of the entrance will be made balancing.

We can foresee that the trial voyages may continue until the end of April. So Izmit Tram will begin to carry passengers on their route in early May. This is the new term. Let's hope that this time the target will not be surprised. Let's hope that when our tram 21 launches trial flights in April, there is no serious problem in the tramways produced on the road route and in İzmit.

We talked a lot about the tram, we discussed a lot. But now it seems like the end of it.

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