Plane intention to the plane: A web site that publishes a job posting through the career site, the aviation graduate will make purchases announced.

A food and beverage company announcing that it will provide food and beverage service in train and train stations announced that aviation graduates will be preferred.

The company announces that it will receive restaurant services from trains and receive candidates for aeronautics, and listed the details.

Here it is declared:

Cremonini Restauration SAS is one of the biggest brands of our group of companies of European origin, operating internationally. + Our group has 10.000 employees worldwide offers catering services on trains and inside train stations in Turkey. Our company took full responsibility for food and beverage services in High Speed ​​Trains and Main Line Trains in May 2016. Cremonini Gup, which provides catering as well as Food and Beverage Production and Distribution; In this context, YHT SERVICE RESEARCH ELEMENTS is looking for assignment in our Train Services Operations on Ankara YHT lines.

Languages, Civil Aviation and Cabin Services, Host and Hostess, Cabin Services, Civil Air Transport, Tourism Guidance, Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Vocational High School,

Able to keep up with the busy work tempo, strong communication direction, keep up with flexible working hours,
Active, friendly, responsible, disguise and attention to detail,

Preferably experienced in Hotel or restaurant,
Customer satisfaction oriented
Preferably between the age of 20-30,
36 - 38 or 38 - 40 size in women
Minimum 1.58 having paint
Believing you can serve on the moving train
Ability to sell and service products to passengers
Resident in or at Ankara base


TCDD belonging to YHT trains from Ankara to serve guests in the service of catering and sales;

If you are confident that you can serve with a smiling face on a moving train
Travel makes you happy
I keep my motivation and serve with a smiling face
Check your pre-cruise service point, cut off the product you sell during service
In this process, filling out forms, using a pos machine, delivering these forms completely
If I say I can focus on customer satisfaction, I can act with solution-oriented patience
If you are aware of the safety rules
If you say your superiors can work in harmony with your other team members
If you can work with smile and solution oriented to the stewardess, mechanic, technician like TCDD
If you want to improve your career in a corporate structure
We're waiting for you to join the Cremonini family.


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