Turkcell provided mobile communications in the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel

Eurasia Tunnel helped in the construction of mobile communication Turkcell: Turkey and Istanbul's pupil Eurasia Tunnel Project in mobile communication Turkcell's' moving antenna "technology announced that it provides. Thanks to the technology developed by Turkcell engineer Mehmet Yalkın specifically for the project, it was reported that the employees communicated with the people inside the tunnel and those above the ground even 106 meters below the ground.

Turkey's giant project for Eurasia Tunnel opening day of counting, thanks to the invention of mobile communication, a Turkish engineer was announced that occur below sea level. Turkcell Gediz Grid Technology Group Chairman Sezgin, "the provision of communication, one of Turkey's most important projects in Eurasia Tunnel was a vital task for Turkey's Turkcell. Turkcell engineer Mehmet Yalkın worked day and night on this subject and in a short time developed the 'mobile antenna' technology, which is unique in the world. “Tunnel employees could only communicate through Turkcell during the construction period”.

Turkcell Eurasia Tunnel, which is expressed under the development of the invention to provide a communication that or of the responsibility of being Turkey's Turkcell Sezgin, connect to their loved working underground during the construction period and the job is the greatest source of joy for them healthy walking, he said.

Gediz Sezgin stated that the invention of Yalkın, the engineer working at Turkcell, will be a source of inspiration for other big projects in the future, and said: “Yalkın installed a mobile antenna on a 130-meter long tunnel digging machine to provide underground coverage. This 'mobile antenna' on the machine, which digs through tunnels at a speed of 8-10 meters per day for one and a half years, was connected to the communication unit on the earth via fiber optic cable, ensuring that the personnel could access the Turkcell network even under the sea floor. With the 'mobile antenna' method, which has never been an example before, the Turkcell network service quality has been maintained at the same level as the excavation distance progresses. When the tunnel digging machine was taken out of the tunnel, we realized the coverage with fixed antennas that we placed at various points of the tunnel ”.

Sezgin said that since May 2014, employees in the tunnel were connected to each other and their loved ones with Turkcell quality for approximately 900 days, “During the construction period, the personnel who made 6 million 75 thousand 242 minutes of interviews from the tunnel used more than 7 thousand GB of data. More than 806 thousand SMS were sent from underground. "When the tunnel is put into service on December 20, Turkcell will fully meet all mobile communication needs in the tunnel with its strong 4.5G infrastructure."

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