100 national electric bus on the way to Avenue EV

Turkey Temsa bus leading brand in the market and leader of the Turkish Defense Industry joined forces ASELSAN. The two companies developed the first% 100 domestic electric bus Avenue EV in the Turkish automotive industry.

Avenue EV; Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü, Sabancı Holding CEO Zafer Kurtul, General Manager of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Orhan Akbaş, ASELSAN Vice Chairman Murat Üçüncü, Sabancı Holding Industry Group President Mehmet Hacıkamiloğlu, TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik, ASELSAN General Manager. Faik Eken and ASELSAN Deputy General Manager Y. Suat Bengür.

collaborating to develop innovative electric buses Avenue home Sabanci Holding, Turkey's leaders with TEMSE automotive companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, an organization and Turkey's leading defense company ASELSAN, 7 in December Sabancı Center in At the press conference they organized, they shared the prominent features of Avenue EV with the guests.

8 full charge per minute

Developed with an environmentalist perspective in view of global needs, Avenue EV works with electricity, a sustainable energy source instead of fossil fuel. The 8 offers fast charging at full charge and provides uninterrupted service at short stops. With its electric traction system, the environment-friendly bus with zero carbon emissions is also equipped with quiet, comfortable, high-performance and state-of-the-art technology. By air conditioning systems, the passenger cabin offers comfortable travel in both cold and hot weather, as well as in-car internet and data connection options. Avenue EV; 35 standing, 52 standing and 1 wheelchair passengers can take. Avenue EV, which has a large internal volume, is able to provide high efficiency, light weight and 100 domestic electric traction system developed by ASELSAN with high efficiency without requiring long term maintenance. The vehicle can travel only one 50-70 km.

TEMSA is our source of pride

Zafer Kurtul, CEO of Sabancı Holding, said:: We are proud of the fact that the innovative and comfortable TEMSA branded vehicles developed by Turkish engineers are exported to different countries. 66 R & D center in Turkey, built-in best practices among the R & D center Temsa bus Sabanci is a source of great pride for the community. As Sabancı Group, innovation and R & D are two issues we attach great importance to adding value to our country, environment, business partners and employees in every field we operate. With this understanding, we are proud to cooperate with all companies with the same approach. 243, which is developed with the cooperation of TEMSA and ASELSAN, is a high technology, clean and quiet urban transportation solution that meets the modern cities of the domestic Avenue EV. 100 This bus developed by Turkish engineers; high efficiency, light weight and 100 domestic traction system is remarkable. This successful cooperation gives us great pride. Bu

ASELSAN is doing can not be in Turkey

ASELSAN General Manager Falk Eken is expressed as follows: "Ever since we were founded as ASELSAN 41 years ago, we always focus on making unachievable in Turkey. In 2015, TEMSA and ASELSAN teams developed a unique bus that can meet the municipal public transportation needs of the municipalities with the project they started with the support of TÜBİTAK TEYDEB. As ASELSAN; we designed the electric motor, the motor drive unit, the vehicle control unit, the driver dashboard, the power control units, the vehicle battery management system with a large number of domestic subcontractors from the original 10 and we had the opportunity to produce domestic. A new technique in the developed bus, the batteries can be charged quickly and thus buses can be fully charged at their stops at their routes. This project is Turkey's own electric vehicles, buses, represents a very important example of the show can improve the car. "

We are working to increase the export rate of TEMSA to% 80

Mehmet Hacıkamiloğlu, Sabancı Holding Industry Group President, said that they are in competition with global companies as an industrial group and continued: aktar We are bringing our products from Indonesia to America with our customers. We do this with a national duty and responsibility. Because we believe in and rely on Turkey. We refer to ourselves as Turkey's Sabanci. Turkey's competitiveness, but also know that it is possible to value-added production and strive for it. Every year we invest in 400 million USD. We are very proud to present our product which is the work of Turkish engineers completely to our customer. We hope that this product will find its place in global markets and will raise the flag of TEMSA even further. In the coming period, we are working hard to increase the export rate of TEMSA to% 50 at% 80. We will achieve this with value-added products such as the products we launched today. Da

ASELSAN and TEMSA cooperate to announce the beginning of a new era

Tan I am very happy and proud to be the general manager of a company that produces the first hundred percent domestic electric bus and it marks the beginning of a new era in the Turkish automotive industry. i We developed together with ASELSAN, the leader company of Turkish Defense Industry. The two leading organizations worked in great harmony in this process. This cooperation will not only remain in the size of the electric bus production and we will continue to develop environmentally friendly products for a sustainable world. Bu Steel, Avenue EV gave information about the prominent features.

Avenue EV will bring a new breath to cities

Dincer Celik, said about the characteristics of the product: ları As cities become increasingly crowded, transportation needs are increasing and more environmentally friendly means of transportation are gaining importance. For a cleaner world, we are putting our innovative and environmentally friendly products into operation without slowing down. Today we are introducing you to Avenue EV, a high performance, efficient and environmentally friendly electric bus that we developed jointly with ASELSAN. The most important feature that differentiates Avenue EV produced by one hundred percent domestic technology is the charge of 8 minutes only and can take long-range paths. With its lean design and low maintenance requirements, it can perform well in all road conditions. A quiet, comfortable and efficient bus that can accommodate more passengers with a larger interior. I am proud to announce to you a product that will bring a breath of fresh air to cities and contribute to reducing noise and environmental pollution. Şehir

ASELSAN has developed a domestic electric traction system

ASELSAN Assistant General Manager and Transportation Security Energy Traffic Automation and Health Systems (UGES) Sector Head Y. Suat Bengür, is a multi-phase motor and motor drive, vehicle control computer, High Power Distribution Unit, which is the domestic electric traction system developed by ASELSAN. Introduced DC / DC converter units. Bengür expressed his satisfaction with the harmony achieved in the project carried out with TEMSA and stated that they are planning to work together in other projects where ASELSAN traction systems will be used.

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