Russia's iron bird Sapsan will compete with planes

Sapsan, the iron bird of Russia, will compete with planes: The high-speed train Sapsan, which was put into operation in Russia between Petersburg and Moscow in 2009, is getting faster. The high-speed train nicknamed Demirkuş, which operates between the two largest cities of Russia and takes less than 4 hours between these cities, will compete with airplanes.

Sapsan, whose speed is expected to exceed 350 kilometers, will be able to save enough time to live in Moscow and work in Petersburg.

The Russians decided not to limit this speedy Demirkuş to only two major cities, but also to extend it to Tatarstan's capital, Kazan. The fact that the stations in Moscow and Petersburg are in the very center of the cities makes passengers prefer this high-speed train instead of an airplane. Passengers enjoy the comfort of getting on the train in the city center and landing in the center of the other city, instead of going to the airport on the plane, waiting there for hours and filling up the queues.

Russian railway administration JDR, the people are very used to traveling with these trains, the number of thousands of passengers in the first year, the number of passengers reached the 5 million in the past year, and this number is expected to increase further.

Sapsan still runs 10 trips a day between Petersburg and Moscow. If the Sapsan network, in which the number of trips is planned to be increased, becomes widespread, in Russia, which has one of the most developed railway networks in the world, transportation by domestic train will become much easier. Currently, a normal speed electric train departing from Moscow can reach the city of Vladivostok on the Pacific coast in a week.

Sapsan trains are manufactured by German Siemens. In the 2006, the production agreement of the trains was made for the 300 train series with an agreement of about 8 million euros, followed by an additional 2011 for the 15 series in 600.

Sapsanlar reached a speed of 2 kilometers in Russia on May 2009, 281 and broke the speed record. A 10 meter long Sapsan, each consisting of 250 wagons, carries 600 passengers at a time.

The goal of the Russians is to catch up with the speed of the trains that China is trying to develop and will make 600 kilometers per hour.

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    1. Russia needs to start the very high speed train (sapsan) between Moscow and Sochi in the facility that will be put into service at the same time with our Antalya-Konya-Kayseri and Samsun-ankara YHT. Apart from the airline, a road is opened to Antalya. This means that tourism is doubled or tripled at least.