Kocaoglu, Narlidere Metro will be held with the facilities of Izmir Metropolitan

Kocaoglu, Narlidere Metro will be made with the facilities of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Narlıdere Metro announced that they will go to tender after the new year. Stating that the project will be carried out completely with the power and facilities of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Kocaoğlu said that the public opinion was made to create a perception as if the government was making the government and said güç I wish they would do it Pro. The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said that the yapım role playing “that they experienced during the collective bargaining process was repeated in Narlıdere subway.

İzmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who participated in the joint broadcasting of three radio channels Can Radyo, Romantik Türk and Yıldız FM, made important statements regarding the city and country agenda. Gökhan Kafalı live broadcast, Abdullah Polat and Melih Bingol, answering the questions of President Aziz Kocaoglu, 2017 year in terms of rail system investments will make a quick entry, he said. Karşıyaka Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the test drives started on the tram, and that the test works will be carried out uninterrupted up to Alaybey upon the completion of the Karşıyaka He said that the tram will start serving in the beginning of 2017.

We make the metro
11 km in the city. they take the rail system they take over 130 km expressed that the Mayor Kocaoglu, Narlıdere metrosu after the construction of the new year after the tender for the construction of the tender said. President Aziz Kocaoglu, who pointed out that an attempt was made to create a acak subway construction acak as if it would be a government ”.

“There is a perception that the Metro is making Government; I wish they would! We conducted overseas credit negotiations for the Narlıdere metro; We are going to make the construction tender after New Year. Our loan is ready, our project is ready. The central government needs to be signed by law. We've applied for 30 in September. We just want a signature. General Directorate of Infrastructure is going, waiting. Going to the Ministry of Development, waiting. The permission is received from the Undersecretariat of Treasury, the loan is taken, the process goes on. What's going on here? A project that everyone will say 'do it'. Metropolitan Municipality has done the project, has found its own credit power. The Treasury does not want bail. Narlıdere will start the subway. The point we've come up here is 1. 15 comes out in another place, 1 comes out in the year. We didn't get this before. Open. He was rocking, rolling, coming, going. The situation was so short with the intervention of the Prime Minister. When Mr. Binali Yıldırım became Prime Minister, things changed in İzmir. I also thank the Ministry of Development and the General Directorate of Infrastructure. But I also underline: The whole investment in the Narlidere subway will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality. This project is the work of the Metropolitan. Bu
Mayor Kocaoglu, Narlıdere Metro for the High Planning Board on the signatures to be made in the news about the signatures by making a reference, "Mr. Prime Minister when I saw the newspaper clippings to him and 'Let's see, I'll say the money,'" he said.

Role playing.
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave the following answer to a question: ”Didn't the AKP Provincial Chairman Bülent Delican contribute in the strike? Başkan

! There was no harm! I negotiate, with you; with my partner TCDD .. I negotiate collective bargaining with the union. President of the Provincial President's office in the morning to get up to go to the union to say, Let's give two - three .. I don't know, TCDD does not know! He is not the representative of the government. The provincial chairman is the representative of the president. As the provincial chairman, he cannot intervene in the bureaucracy. There is no such right. Bülent is my friend. He is right from his window. It is wrong for me as a complex. I said it wouldn't happen. Indeed the authorities solved. These are the wrong things. Bunlar

The MPs of the AKP in Izmir, "I have finished the strike strike," he criticized the Minister for taking photos Kocaoğlu, "I'm going to Ankara; The Minister and the General Manager. We are finalizing the collective agreement, we are going to Minister Bey. Ben and Minister Bey sign the Convention as a witness; we will announce the end of the happy to start tomorrow. Then our brother, Necip Kalkan, Atilla Kaya, Hamza Mountain friend, Kerem Ali Permanent, Huseyin Kocabiyik 'finished the contract' with the Minister Bey to take pictures. I saw them in Ankara at the Ministry, and at TCDD. I negotiated the collective agreement from A to Z. I didn't see these people there. Why are they taking this picture? They're worthless to me. I love them all. Necip Kalkan and Bülent Delican did the work they did in the Narlıdere subway and also played in the İZBAN strike. What did you do in İZBAN strike? You can't do anything. You have no authority to pay, neither talk, nor sit on the table. The state is something different. From the AKP, from the CHP, is independent of everyone. We confuse the government with the government. The state is the institution that protects the state and protects the citizens with its independent army, courts, judicial institutions, public prosecutor institutions such as land registry office, population administration and security. TCDD is a government agency. It is not the organ of the political party. The government is separate, the state is separate. This is the biggest thing we have been confused recently. Biz

Caesar's right to Caesar
Mayor Kocaoglu also said that a mayor may not preside by fearing citizens, fellow countrymen, flattered, and saying, yap You will love your citizen, you will protect your rights, you will work, you will be fair but you will stand as a man. You will give Caesar the right to Caesar. Our deputy Nükhet Hotar made a meeting with Mr. President for two minutes in the construction of İZBAN. I would like to thank Nükhet Hotar for the opening of İZBAN. Am I getting smaller? Mrs. Nükhet has contributed, thank her. Man grows, grows, and grows by telling the good he sees. We will get used to it. Alış

Transparent auctions allowed us to land
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stated that they continued their work without losing their speed within the scope of the road map they determined. Led In the last week, we went to 3 tender. The approximate cost of them is 650 million pounds. In the next 280 million euros in the subway tender, our asphalt auction is 900 million pounds N he said.
President Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that they saw the benefit of the transparent method they adopt in the auctions and added: da We bought 95 from the metro. The approximate cost was 180 million euros. A European company used 35 to give 93 million Euros to the drawer, and we had the Chinese company made 35 million Euros. Chinese companies competed among themselves. There is such an advantage in making an open and transparent contestable auction yap

Izmir is growing with investments
Underlining that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made an investment of 2004 billion liras between 2009 and 2, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, ın We invested in 2009 billion liras between 20014 and 4.5. These investments to grow, these investments to work, to create resources, these investments to identify the needs of the city, "he said.

We opened the way for the manufacturer
12 years in the agricultural sector in Turkey is the only institution that produces remarkable project's President Kocaoglu of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality stressed that, in particular, he said the sector animate their support for dairy farmers. Milk production in Turkey 80-100 percent rate increase, Küçük Menderes in the words of President Kocaoglu reminiscent reached 440 percent of this increase has been as follows:

Uz In İzmir, we support producers, agriculture and animal husbandry. If a company has come here and has established a plant to process 80 tons of milk per day with the investment of 1000 million dollars, the milk incentives we have done so far have a great effect. It is effective for Tire Dairy Cooperative to enter milk and yogurt chains, to produce qualified products and to be a good market for the producer's milk. These were carried out under the leadership and support of the Metropolitan Municipality. When milk production grows more in the case of 5 in Küçük Menderes; 850 people will work at the newly opened factory. We would like to thank the Prime Minister and the President who made the investment. Tire's development means the development of our country. T

Agriculture and history will support support
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was in action for development for the first time and said, konusunda The municipality is not just a road sewer. He is also responsible for the local development of the city. He has to do what he has to do to improve the city. We are working for the development of the industry, the culture and the service sector. Biz

Stating that the municipality will continue to work for what is needed, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said, Başkan The Metropolitan Municipality will not stop its work in any way. One of them is his support for the countryside. The other one is the investments in the historical region Konak-Agora-Kadifekale axis. Rural supports and historical supports are the projects that will raise the city in its own right. Kırsal


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