Karşıyaka Tram Stuck On Traffic Sign

Karşıyaka The tram was attached to the traffic sign: the tram that started the test drive in Bostanlı was attached to the forgotten traffic sign on the road the first time it left.

“Konak and Karşıyaka The tram, which started its first trial flight within the scope of "Trams Project", had a hard time due to the forgotten traffic sign on the route. Within the framework of the construction works carried out by the Suburban and Rail System Investments Department, Karşıyaka The first time between Mavişehir and Bostanlı Bridge on the tram line had to stop for a while due to the forgotten "Stop" sign on the road.

The postponed test run by the officers continued after the test.

Source : www.yeniasir.com.t is

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  1. Here's a story like that, she laughs so hard! We have a general rule: there is a general rule: a new and / or maintenance-repair is not a test time before the tram! With a frame called Taşıt GABARİ-MASTARI / Border-Line-Mast / Clearance-Master / mounted on a special vehicle with a rubber wheel and underneath which is suitable for the rail under the rail, which can also be a Guide-Way-Vehicle-Vehicle this tool will be commissioned or even more than one trial-measurement-control expedition. If the line is clean, then the Tram starts the first commissioning-test drive!
    That is to say, we know everything very well with everything, the beautiful Izmir's transport office and interest sub-company officials, the interested people have seen such a simple rule to apply even a rule. Or they didn't see the song with a mindset (Ml?)