Izmir invests more than 2016 billion in 2

Izmir Metropolitan 2016 invested more than 2 billion liras: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality invested more than 2016 billion liras in 2. 13 reached 12 billion liras for the year. The latest 3 annual investments have been more than 5 percent, from the 20 annual period.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized its investments and projects with the aim of yine Local Development kalkınma, signed important projects in 2016 again. In addition to the investment expenditure of 1 million pounds, the Metropolitan has provided 493 million pounds financial support to the projects of the district municipalities. With the investments of ESHOT, İZSU and companies, the 56 investment amount of 2016 for the year increased to 2 million pounds.

Aiming to raise the living standards of the citizens, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented hundreds of projects from expropriation activities to infrastructure, tramway metro investments, history protection and urban transformation to important environmental facilities. Metropolitan, in the same period, also gave the start of tens of investments.
Together with the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ESHOT, İZSU and companies, 2004 has invested 2016 billion in the city between 11-903. 8 billion 14 million pounds of these investments carried out by Metropolitan, İZSU 2 billion 359 million, ESHOT 519 million, İZDENİZ, İZULAŞ, İZBETON companies invested in 742 million pounds.

Here are the heads of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality investments in 2016:

Giant budget for transportation
* The Torbalı İZBAN line, which was completed by investment on 70 million liras, was launched.
The 6 highway and a pedestrian overpass were built for the uninterrupted access of pedestrians and vehicles on the line consisting of 9 stations.
* 26 2 units at 3 kilometer and 4 highway overpass and XNUMX highway overpass were completed.
* 8.9 kilometers long with 14 stops Karşıyaka Test rides on the tram started; to be commissioned in spring. 12.8 kilometer-long construction of Konak Tram with 18 stops reached 35 percent. 2017 will be commissioned in autumn.
* 240 87 vehicle fleet (95 train set) was added to the fleet of 19 vehicles. The first three train sets (15 wagons) from the new vehicles began the expedition. İzmir Metro will be the owner of a huge fleet of 182 vehicles at the end of March with the production of new sets going on in China.
99.7 220 170 XNUMX XNUMX was purchased from the bus for a million pounds.
* Three of the 122 passenger ships with an investment of 426 million pounds came into service. The ships were named after Gürsel Aksel, Sait Altınordu, Vahap Özaltay, Metin Oktay with the votes of İzmir residents.
* With the investment of 67 million pounds, the second of the 3 passenger car ship, Ahmet Piriştina and the last one, Kubilay, were put into service.
* The construction of 115 wagon capacity underground storage facility for the storage and maintenance of the vehicles belonging to İzmir Metro was started.
* To the city with an investment of 390 million TL kazanThe first three of the 38 tram vehicles to be used in the tram project to be built have been delivered. Karşıyaka The 14 tram vehicle to be used in the tram was produced in Adapazarı. Stage stage will come to Izmir. The production of 21, one of the 8 vehicles to be used in Konak tramway, was completed.
* The first electric bus fleet in Turkey, established in Izmir. 8.8 million Euro 20 X full electric bus' tender was held. Buses will be put into service at the beginning of 2017.
* Ending in Mavisehir Karşıyaka A preliminary project was prepared to extend the line to Çiğli İZBAN Station-Ata Sanayi-Katip Çelebi University and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. After the approval of the highways, the construction of the project will begin in mid-2017.
* The project works for double track and 2 station monorail system between İzmir Suburban Esbaş Station - Gaziemir New Fair Area have been completed, there is a tender in January.
* For the metro project that will solve the transportation problem of Buca, 2017 will be auctioned in the middle of the year. 13.5-kilometers Üçyol-Buca Metro line will consist of 11 stations.
* 7.2 kilometers F.Altay-Narlıdere metro line project for the approval of the Ministry of Transport was received. The approval of the Ministry of Development is expected to be included in the program. When the approval comes, construction tender will be made.
* After Foça, the construction of the Mordoğan Pier was completed and ferry service was started. Urla and Guzelbahce piers were put into service for commissioning.
* BISIM increased its service capacity with 32 stall, 400 bike and 625 parking lot.

New arteries, new roads, parking lots
* With Bornova from Altınyol Bayraklı Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Intersection, which connects the districts, was opened with an investment of 29 million liras.
* With Buca Butchers Square and 150 underground parking garage, Instant House 12 was put into service with a million pounds investment.
* The 7 kilometer new road (Buca-Onat Street and Intercity Bus Terminal and Interconnection Connection Road) project to connect Buca and Bornova were awarded for the r deep tunnel UM of 2.5 kilometers. 2017 80'in 40'un, XNUMX'ın percent of the tunnel will be completed.
* The traffic load at the intersection in front of Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital was alleviated by opening a new connected path.
* The traffic problem in Doğuş Caddesi, which provides Buca's ring road connection, has been resolved. The 4-lane street was expanded, and in some sections it was removed to 8 lanes. A new parking space for 100 vehicles has been created.
* To ease the transportation to Foça, the 4,5 km shortcut between Bağarası and Gerenköy was expanded and connected to Seyrek¬¬ - İzmir Ring Road.
* A vehicle underpass, including 2 pedestrian elevators, was built in Torbalı.
* The transportation problem of Şirince, the touristic district of Selçuk, was solved in an alternative way.
* Bornova for the “Fully Adaptive Traffic Management, Control and Information System”, which shortens the waiting time at intersections, BayraklıThe works in Karabağlar, Buca, Gaziemir, Balçova, Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe were completed. Karşıyaka, Çiğli, Konak districts work continues. 290 junction is connected to the system. At the end of the project, 402 intersection will be connected to the system.
* Şehit Kubilay Köprülü Junction and connecting roads were put into service, where the two sides of Menemen were merged and the name of Devrim Şehidi Asteğmen Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay was given.
* Yenişehir Gıda Çarşı and Şehitler Caddesi connection relieved with a new road with 2 lanes entrance - 2 lanes exit.
* Regional parking lot for 146 vehicles was built in Kocakapı neighborhood.
* Karşıyakastarted construction of two large regional car parks with a total of 635 vehicles: 429 in Hatay and 1604 in Hatay.
* 6 new pedestrian overpass was built with 5 million pounds investment.
* 82 million pounds investment on the 12 kilometer road arrangement and 11 thousand square meters of the area was also organized.
* 95 million pounds investment 4.5 kilometers long retaining wall was made.

New facilities
* Turkey's first campus social life 65 100 million pounds thousand square meter area in Buca entered service on an investment. In the 225 retirement center with a nursing home, a disabled and old rehabilitation center, a children's and youth center, a soup kitchen, an indoor gym and 159 car parking lot.
* 240 thousand tons of asphalt annually and 240 thousand square meters of parquet and curb will be produced in Bergama, which opened the Copperworks Region Construction Site.
* Küçük Menderes Region Construction Site in Bayındır, which has the capacity of producing 240 tons of asphalt per hour, was put into service.
* The first phase of the construction of the opera house, which will be built exclusively for the opera art in the history of the Republic, was completed. Construction will begin in the first months of 2017.
* Disabled draw attention to the issue of disabilities was established to make you feel as an individual and applied also to other parts of difficulties and obstacles faced by society in social life, Turkey's first "Disability Awareness Center" opened.
* The Seafood Market in Buca has been renewed.
* Gültepe Cultural Center and Cemevi opened.
* In Yeşilyurt, a modern cultural center, underground parking and green area arrangements were started.
* Çiğli, Foça, Karabağlar, Seferihisar, Dikili and Tire districts were built.
* Construction works of Aliağa Culture Center started.
* Foca is working on the construction of a neighborhood bus station.

Local stamp on local development
* Within the scope of Milk Lamb Project, 33.7 million pounds were purchased from Tire Dairy Cooperative and 1 million 5 thousand 10 liters of milk were distributed to the children of 725-556 age.
* A protocol for 147 vehicles was signed with Bayındır, Bergama, Dikili, Foça, Kemalpaşa, Tire, Urla, Menemen, Kiraz and Selçuk Agriculture Chambers and the farmers were given 2 million pounds agricultural machinery support.
* 20 thousand 4 producers in the town of 604, 4.6 million pounds of 336 thousand fruit saplings were distributed.
* 4 thousand ovine animals were distributed to the producers in Kiraz, Bergama, Kınık, Selçuk, Seferihisar and Menderes. The project cost exceeded 7.5 million pounds.
* 21 wild trees were inoculated in Bergama and Aliağa.
* 4 thousand 750 bees with and without beehives were distributed to producers in Menderes, Kınık, Seferihisar, Selçuk, Çeşme, Kemalpaşa, Beydağ and Menderes.
* Queen bee was purchased for producers in Beydağ, Menderes, Kınık, Seferihisar and Selçuk.
* 13 thousand 330 pieces of crayfish were exported to the fig producers and 3 bin 800 cases were distributed to the olive producers.
* Early warning system was installed in the fields in Kemalpaşa.
* Milk cooling tanks were installed in Foça Gerenköy, Kiraz İğdeli, Haliller, Karaman, Yenişehir, Karaburç, Çökoççi, Yeniköy, Ödemiş Ovakent cooperatives. New milk cooling tanks are being installed in cooperatives operating in Bergama, Ödemiş and Kiraz.
* Olive squeezing facility was established in Seferihisar Gödence.
* “Gediz -Bakırçay Basin Sustainable Development Strategy” was prepared for Aliağa, Bergama, Dikili, Foça, Kemalpaşa, Kınık and Menemen districts.
* The arı Small Menderes Basin Sustainable Development and Life Strategy es activities were initiated.
* 8.7 million pounds purchase contract was signed with Agricultural Development Cooperatives.
* 2 million 222 thousand square meters of plain road was paved for about 35 million TL.

History stands up
* Archaeological excavation support 7 was brought to the region: Agora, Foça, Erythrai, Old Symrna, Yeşilova Mound, Teos and Klaros excavations were transferred to 3.1 million TL.
* Emir Sultan Tomb was renewed.
* 157 restoration of the annual Paterson Pavilion was launched.
* The restoration of the mosque and cistern in Kadifekale continues. The lighting project was realized in order to be able to see the historical walls in the night silhouette of the city.
* The restoration work of the museum house in Agora and the restoration of the Namazgah Bath started.

Environmental investments
* IZSU, 437 kilometers long drinking water network, 179 kilometers long channel network and 90.6 km length of rain water line paved 32 kilometer-length railing was manufactured; 33 pieces of water borehole opened.
* 1 million was completed with an investment of 56 million pounds in order to meet the drinking water needs of İzmir, and to provide the city with treatment of Gördes Dam water and to provide the city with Kavaklıdere Drinking Water Treatment Plant.
* New Foça Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant and 6 km work has been completed with the investment of 88 million pounds.
* With the investment of 13.3 million pounds, the construction of Bayındır Hasköy advanced biological waste water treatment plant was completed and put into service.
* Construction of Menemen Türkelli advanced biological waste water treatment plant was started.
* Bornova Homeros Valley sources from the source of the bottled water X at an affordable price ine to move to the homes of the people of Izmir, 1500 carboy capacity of the plant was completed.
* Construction of Tire Advanced Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant started.
* 4 street for the 19 street in Gültepe which has been transformed into a stream bed in heavy rainfall due to low elevation has begun laying of the rainwater line.
* İzmir Jeotermal A.Ş., a joint venture of İzmir Governorship and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, signed a contract to generate electricity from Cumalı and Tuzla sources. It is aimed to produce 10 million kW / h of energy annually.
* The construction of a new sea broom has been started to reinforce the Gulf surface cleaning operations carried out by 3.
* The Low Transfer Station was renewed, its capacity increased from 150 to 400 tons per day. 20 trailer trailer commissioned.
* An animal shelter at Seyrek and an animal cemetery with a capacity of 4 thousand was opened to the burial where animal lovers could bury their lost little friends.
* In Menemen Ahıhıdır, the medical waste sterilization facility, which will be established in the area of ​​6 thousand square meters and which will be the biggest in the Aegean Region, came to the tender stage.

Urban transformation
* "Percentage 100 reconciliation" and "spot" basis of a conversion performed Turkey's first urban transformation project was laid in Uzundere.
* In the 18 hectare area in Örnekköy, the negotiations with the beneficiaries reached a consensus of% 70. In the second half of 2017, the construction of the project will be made.
* With the completion of urban design and architectural projects in the Aegean Quarter, negotiations were started with the beneficiaries. In the second half of 2017, construction tender will be made for urban transformation works.
* BayraklıWith the completion of urban design and architectural projects in the 600 thousand square meter area covering the majority of the Cengizhan, Alpaslan and Fuat Edip Baksı districts in Istanbul, negotiations started with the rights holders.
* Ballıkuyu, Akarcali, Kosovo, Yeşildere and Kocakapı neighborhood covering the area of ​​48 hectares of projects in the project to determine the right to work with urban design and architectural project work continues.
* In Aktepe and Emrez regions of Gaziemir, 1 million 220 thousand square meters in the area is working to inform rights holders. M Urban Design and Architectural Idea Project Competition di was held on a national scale. The master plan of the project is carried out.

New tools
* 189 118 new vehicle was purchased to strengthen the fire brigade.
* İzmir Metropolitan Municipality expanded its fleet of 8 snow plows and salt spreaders, 10 graders and 4 loderle in order to prevent the roads from closing and icing due to snow in the high altitude areas of the city. The vehicles were deployed in Belkahve, Bergama and Bayındır.
* Environmental Protection and Control Department 37.7 90 with the investment of million pounds to distribute district municipalities truck, trailer, vacuum truck, construction machinery 125 vehicle took.

Joint service projects
* Bornova Stadium was put into service. Completed the second stage of the work with the 6 thousand 500 audience capacity reached the Bornova Stadium all matches including Super League at any time of the day can be played. As a result of the third stage of the stadium, the audience will reach the 12 bin 500.
* Bornova Municipality Altındağ Sports Complex was opened.
* Çiğli Evka -2 Social Facility was put into service.
* Buca Youth Center opened.
* Bergama Storey Car Park and landscaping have been implemented.
* Karabağlar marketplace and car park were put into service.
* Çiğli Municipality 75. Year Turkish World Park construction is completed.
* Bergama Cultural Center (BERKM) was opened.
* Karabağlar Yunus Emre neighborhood has been completed and the parking lot was put into service.
* The foundation of Karabağlar Girls Student Guest House was laid.
* Construction work of the Tire Arena Stadium for 15 thousand people is ongoing.
* Gaziemir Cistern Indoor Sports Hall construction continues.
* The construction of the Municipality of Kiraz Municipality continues.
* The construction of the Menemen Kubilay Cultural Center continues.
* Menderes Municipality Özdere, the construction of the construction of the square, bazaar and social facility construction continues.
* Bayraklı There is a marketplace in Çay Mahallesi.

Parks, green areas, squares
* In 2016, 210 thousand square meters of new green areas were added to the city. kazanRenovation work was carried out on an area of ​​235 thousand square meters. 35 thousand trees, approximately 500 thousand shrubs, 5 million 300 thousand ground cover-seasonal, 112 thousand bulbous plants were planted.
* Within the scope of kapsamında İzmirDeniz- Coastal Design-project; The pedestrian and bicycle paths were reconstructed in the 3.2 kilometer between Karataş - Mithatpaşa and Mithatpaşa Overpass-Göztepe Pedestrian Crossing.
* Completed the first stage of the 1.6 kilometer of the coastal arrangement in Sahilevleri.
* The construction of the highway underpass on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı started.
* The first stage of the Bostanlı Stream Pedestrian Bridge and Bostanlı Recreation Area Landscaping was completed.
* Within the scope of the Izmir Sea-Coastal Design project, Bayraklı He completed the 28 thousand square meter section between the Coast Guard and the Waterfall Stream.
* The “Kültürpark İzmir” project was prepared in order to redesign Kültürpark and move it into the future. With the project, the building density in the area was decreased and the green amount was increased by 21 thousand square meters.
* Bayraklı The construction of 'Park İzmir' in Mansuroğlu Neighborhood has been completed. It will be opened in the first week of the new year with an investment of 9.7 million lira.
* Within the scope of the yenil Beautiful City Entrance Project Ak, Bornova Ankara Street and Gaziemir Akçay Street central refineries were renovated.
* Buca Adatepe Mahallesi Park and Bornova Atatürk Mahallesi tender for the “Adventure Izmir” park, which will appeal to those seeking sports, entertainment and excitement, was held.
* Buca Kırıklar and Gaziemir After the Evka-7, the plantation of the Bornova Gökdere Hafriyat warehouse was started.
* Kemeraltı to be established in the area where the old fish and fish sales units, fish cookers, restaurants began to work on the construction of the new square.
* Bayraklı Şehit Hakan Ünal Park in Mansuroğlu Neighborhood has been completely renovated.
* 1 in Eşrefpaşa. Cicipark and the surrounding areas of the Archaeological Site on the work to give life to life again began.
* The Kani Bey Park in Bayındır has been renewed.
* Çiğli Dr. Construction works of Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Park were started.
* For a greener city and cleaner air, planting of 12 trees was started for each vehicle and machine in the Metropolitan fleet.

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