Eurasian Tunnel will be saved in gasoline at 229 pounds per month

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Eurasian Tunnel will be saved with 229 pounds per month: According to the calculations of the Eurasia Tunnel with the monthly 229 pounds less gasoline, 141 pounds will pay less diesel; We're going to get rid of the 62 clock traffic.

The Eurasian Tunnel opened to the public recently has many advantages. In the tunnel connecting the European side to the Anatolian side, the distance to the 100 is a 15 minute. The Tunnel does not only do so, but will be provided with state-of-the-art revenue of around 180 million per year through the sharing of income from vehicle tolls and the taxes paid.

According to calculations, a total of 160 million lira, or 38 million liters of fuel, will be saved annually. Those who take a vacation two days a week will use the bridge and the tunnel for 22 days. As for the fuel account, the person driving gasoline-powered vehicle will spend 14,6 lira per day, while the person driving with diesel will spend 8,6 lira. When we calculate it for 22 days, the person using the Eurasia Tunnel is 321,2 kuruş with gasoline; will have spent 189,2 lira on diesel. If the citizen using the bridge road uses a gasoline vehicle, he will spend 550 lira for fuel; If he uses a diesel vehicle, he will spend 330 lira. It will pay 229 lira less for gasoline going through the bridge and 141 lira less for diesel. In other words, 370 lira of fuel will be saved in total.

52 million hour saving time

However, considering the intensity and stress of the traffic, the extra fee that will be out of pocket is not very thought-provoking. A person using the bridge road will spend 4 thousand 400 minutes (73 hours) a month, and only 660 minutes (11 hours) of the Eurasia Tunnel per month. In other words, a person will save 3 minutes of time with the Eurasia Tunnel. With the tunnel, which reduces the 740-kilometer road to 29 kilometers, the shortening of travel times will save approximately 14,6 million hours of time per year with all crossings. In addition, thanks to the tunnel, the amount of emissions emitted by vehicles (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, etc.) will be reduced by approximately 52 thousand tons per year, creating an environmental contribution.

Busy route

The Eurasia Tunnel connects the Asian and European sides with a road tunnel that runs under the sea floor. The Eurasia Tunnel, which serves on the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line, where vehicle traffic is intense in Istanbul, covers a total route of 14,6 kilometers.

The 5,4 kilometer section of the project consists of a two-storey tunnel constructed with a special technology under the sea floor and connection tunnels constructed with other methods, while road expansion and improvement works were carried out on a total of 9,2 kilometers in Europe and Asia. The approach roads between Sarayburnu-Kazlıçeşme and Harem-Göztepe were expanded and intersections, car underpasses and pedestrian overpasses were built.

Tunnel passage and road improvement-expansion work, a holistic structure that relieves vehicle traffic. While the journey time in Istanbul is very heavy, the journey time is significantly reduced, and it is possible to experience the privilege of a safe and comfortable journey. It also contributes to the reduction of environmental and noise pollution.

Giant economy in the tunnel

With the Eurasia Tunnel, approximately 180 million TL state income will be provided annually, thanks to the sharing of the revenue from vehicle tolls with the public and the taxes paid. Around 15 million from both the 268 July Martyrs' Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge this year. The number of vehicles crossing two bridges this year is 124 million, and the target for crossing the tunnel is 25 million vehicles annually. In other words, even if the number of vehicles passing through the tunnel is one fourth of the two bridges, the contribution of 180 million TL draws attention to the tunnel.

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