Security Officers in Eskişehir Railway did not take Trans passenger

Security Officers in Eskişehir Station Trans Passers didn't take the train: Trans activist Pınar Arkan was subjected to the transphobic practice of officers in Eskişehir Railway.

According to the news in KaosGL, Pınar Arkan went to Eskişehir Station to return to Istanbul from the event organized by the Eskişehir Democratic Women's Platform on Monday evening, 28 November 2016. Since she bought her ticket with her ID number, Pınar Arkan, whose name was reflected on the ticket, was told that she would not take the train at the entrance of the passenger. Pınar Arkan, who was told that he should meet with the administration, said, "At that time, I realized that I had forgotten my identity with the security officers below, when I went down again, the security officers did not have contact with me, they closed the train doors for 5 minutes," he said.


Pınar said the security guards had slowed down the process in order to avoid getting on the train, saying: ver I told them to usurp my identity and to give them away. They didn't talk again. I went back to the administration and said my identity was usurped. Half a mouth to call security and ask the cleaning staff, asked if I had dropped. I couldn't get on the train because they slowed down the solution. They said they could refund the ticket but they did everything they could to get me off the train.

Pınar Arkan, who was exposed to the transphobic attitude of the security officers and the garage, urged the opponents of homophobia / transphobia to solidify against this attitude by indicating that they would seek legal remedies and seek the right.



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