Minister Arslan, Railway Sector 1 Releases from January

Minister Arslan, Railway Sector 1 Released from January: Arslan, who held a press conference, evaluated the 2016 activities of the Ministry and announced the targets of 2017.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 1 January 2017 from the date of the railway sector completely separated from the infrastructure and transport, free market conditions can compete, the new transporters in the industry will be the actor to start the application announced.

Arslan held a press conference on 31 December 2016 at Ankara Gar Kule Restaurant.

Arslan of Turkey's development, growth of the country's 2023, 2053, the sine qua non of walking to the 2071 target, transportation, access to facilitate, stated that ensure development without compromising their transport infrastructure projects.

All projects, aware of the importance of geography in Turkey and Armstrong explained that plans by the right of it, "especially transport are preparing a master plan that will be completed in 2017, this master plan we need our next study, we will be conducting the framework necessary development plans." said.

Logistic Master plan to finish the work stating that they are on, the completion of this work, all transport corridors from transportation to logistics, said they would be.


Arslan stated that the amount of investments they made in the railway sector this year was 6 billion 900 million liras. “In 2017, we foresee an expenditure over the money we spend in the railway sector this year. Our total railway length has reached 12 kilometers as of today and we have increased this line length to 532 kilometers by making 884 kilometers of new signal lines this year. We have increased our electric line length by 5 kilometers of new electric lines to 462 thousand 496 kilometers. We have completely renewed our railway lines, especially around 4 thousand kilometers. ” He spoke in the form.

Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, which reminiscent of the opening of the Arslan, including urban transportation 177 million passengers reported that they carry.

Arslan stated that they have increased the number of logistics centers to 7 in this sector, and that the construction of 5 logistics centers is continuing and they have renewed 390 kilometers of railway lines this year.

Ankara-Izmir, Ankara-Sivas, Bursa-Bilecik High-Speed ​​Train lines also continued to work without expressing the speed of the Arslan, said they did not start to work in these regions.


Indicating that they have completed the Konya-Karaman high-speed train line and now that electrical and signaling efforts are continuing, Arslan said, “Başkentray has reached 21 percent. The high-speed train line between Adana and Mersin has reached 85 percent. ” said. Arslan noted that they started the high-speed train line of Karaman-Ereğli-Ulukışla, Adana-İncirlik-Toprakkale and noted:

“Work on bringing suburban lines on the Anatolian and European sides to the metro standards and integration with Marmaray is also ongoing. In addition, our works continue in Bakırköy-Bahçelievler-Kirazlı and Sabiha Gökçen-Kaynarca lines in Istanbul. I think that the most important work we have made in the railway sector in 2016 has been made to separate the infrastructure and transportation of railways, liberalize the industry as in aviation, create competition and paving the way for growth. Hopefully, as of tomorrow, we will be able to compete in free market conditions and completely separate infrastructure and transportation in the sector, and we will have started the application where new carriers can be actors in this sector. I care so much. ”


Explaining that they will put the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project into service in the first half of 2017, Arslan stated that they will finish the Ovit Tunnel at the end of next year and put it into service.

Expressing that they will travel 152 kilometers in the railway sector, Arslan said, “We will increase the number of sets to 6 by purchasing 19 new sets on YHT lines. We will increase High Speed ​​Train flights by 50 percent. Tender processes continue for the purchase of 10 YHT train sets. We will buy 1 YHT Line Test Measurement Train, as construction work continues on many YHT and high speed train lines. We are talking about a study of up to 4 thousand kilometers. The work of the national freight wagon has been completed and now we start mass production. ” he spoke.

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