Anatolia Connected to the Aliağa by Rail

Anatolia Connects to Aliağa by Railway: The railway project that connects Nemrut Bay ports and surrounding businesses to Biçerova Station will be tendered on January 11. According to the news of Emirhan Ergen from Yeni Asır, with this project, Anatolian freight transportation will be connected to Aliağa.

The Nemrut Bay Railway connection, which is one of the important projects of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and included among the 2011 projects announced by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım in 35, will be put into service in the last week of January. Within the scope of this project, the railway extension allocated to Biçerova Station on the Menemen-Aliağa line will continue to Nemrut Port.


With the project, the train will enter the piers in Nemrut Bay. Thus, the goods coming to the port will be transferred directly to the ships, and the goods coming to the ports by ships will be transferred directly to the wagon. With the railway connection, the freight carrying capacity of Aliağa industry will increase and the transportation cost will decrease.


Aliağa Chamber of Commerce President Adnan Saka stated that the project cost of the railway connection with a length of 6.1 kilometers in the form of a double line is 8 million liras. “With the project, we will reduce the cost and save time. Thanks to the project, goods coming from Denizli from Central Anatolia will be directly connected to Aliağa Port. Anatolia will be connected to Aliağa. " said.

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