Kars Logistics Center with 412 Thousand Tons of Capacity Is Being Built

basis of the logistics center
basis of the logistics center

A logistics center with a capacity of 412 thousand tons is being built in Kars in order to meet the trade load coming from Baku Tbilisi Kars railway. The cost of the center, which will be established on 350 thousand square meters, will be 100 million liras.

Turkey to become a logistics base in the region and the neighboring region of 31 trillion dollars Serhat Kars city to win the trade cargo logistics center is being built. The logistics center to be established between the cement factory on Paşaçayır Road and the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) on 350 thousand square meters will have a load capacity of 412 thousand tons. The total cost of the center, where 500 people will be employed when it is put into service, is 100 million TL.


The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line, called the Iron Silk Road, reaches Kars from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, through Georgia's Tbilisi and Ahılkelek cities. It has passed the international transport corridor Kars, Turkey's access to both Central Asia and the West since it will allow access to the strategic importance of the Caucasus. Azerbaijan and Turkey Kars Logistics Center aims to combine the application and route projects to be completed.


A 6-kilometer interconnection line is being built between the Kars-Erzurum Railway to reach the Logistics Center. Aktaş Border Gate that opens Ardahan, Kars, Iğdır and Erzurum to Georgia; It will facilitate the transition to Azerbaijan. For this reason, in addition to Ardahan, where the emphasis is on divided road works, culvert and asphalting works are carried out on the Kars-Arpaçay-Çıldır route. Turkey, thereby making rapid progress towards the goal of creating an international corridor outside the midline.


Transport from Asia to Europe, even 240 percent of the 10 million tons of cargo is likely to pass through Turkey with a capacity of 412 thousand tons of Kars Logistics Center it makes it necessary. The completion of the logistics center, along with the railway line that will provide the advantage of wage per kilometer, will provide an economic contribution expressed in billions of dollars annually to both the provinces on the route and to Kars where the cargo will be accommodated. The Ankara-Kars High Speed ​​Train Project was implemented in order to send the commercial goods coming to the city of Serhat faster. This project will be completed in 100, the 2023th anniversary of the Republic.


Parallel to Marmaray, when the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project is implemented, uninterrupted freight transport by rail between China and Europe will become possible. Thus, it is planned to shift the entire freight transport between Europe and Central Asia to the railway. Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan received additional train ferries to run in the Caspian Sea. Again, China will carry most of the 240 million tons of cargo it wants to send to the west by sea, by train. The journey, which takes 45-60 days by sea, will drop to 12-15 days for Europe when Baku-Tbilisi ends.


The laying of sleepers and rails on the railway line with a total length of 840 kilometers continues. Initially, 6,5 million tons of freight is expected to be transported from the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which is expected to be commissioned in the middle of the new year due to the winter conditions in the east. It is estimated that the load to pass through the Iron Silk Road will reach 35 million tons in the medium term. In addition, between East and West railway line will be laid in Turkey, it will serve 1 million passengers. In case of breakdown of passenger and freight trains, maintenance and repair works will also be carried out at Kars Logistics Center.

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