35 people stranded in ski lifts in Uludağ

35 people were stranded in ski lifts in Uludağ: In Uludağ, 35 was stranded in the air as a result of the failure of the chairlift. Gendarmerie and AFAD teams were stranded by 3 hours of work.

Uludag 1, one of the important centers of winter tourism. 10.30 was stranded in the chairlift in the morning as a result of the failure of the ski lift like 35. Dozens of citizens who panicked with the stop of the chairlift asked for help from the gendarmerie.

A large number of UMKE, AFAD and JAK teams were sent to the scene. At the end of the 3 hourly operation, the stranded citizens were rescued from the tens of meters that AFAD, UMKE and JAK teams were stranded with ropes tied to the waist. 35 people were taken from the chairlift was taken to the hotel.

A citizen stranded in the chairlift, tel 10.30, such as the chairlift, boarded the chairlift stopped. I called the gendarmerie in 30 minutes after I stopped. 1 hours after the citizens began to save the citizens. We're stuck on the 3 hour. The weather was so cold we were afraid to freeze. Hava

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