3. Local Marble Shock at the Airport

good party 3 get the name of the airport ataturk
good party 3 get the name of the airport ataturk

Domestic marble shock at the airport: 3 under construction. The works carried out for the use of domestic marble or Turkish natural stone at the airport went to waste. Some importer companies 'Turkish stone is high radiation' he claimed that the lobby they started. It is claimed that Chinese or Brazilian stones will be used in the project.

Turkey's largest, the world's No. ongoing projects and building located between the 3. Domestic natural stone or Turkish marble is used at the airport. It was reported that the lobbying activities carried out for the domestic marble shock at the airport did not benefit.

Describing the issue until President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ali Kahyaoğlu, President of Istanbul Mine Exporters' Association, said, de He also supported us. Maybe 100 had all the negotiations for the use of local stone in this giant project that will showcase our country throughout the year. However, someone who said otherwise, they are importers of marble in our high radiation, arguing that they doodled without knowledge. These friends unfortunately betrayed the Turkish stone. Now they will probably sell the granites they brought from China or Brazil to the project. ”


Mayor Kahyaoğlu stated that they received the information from the subcontractors about the product in the construction of the hav port. “Because they make the purchase. We also talked with friends who made the decision to change against the locals ”. Kahyaoğlu explained that they are exporting 2015 billion dollars natural stone as 1.9 sector and they have set 2017 billion dollar export target for 2.2.

We have set a new strategy to achieve these goals.. Stating that they declared 2017 year as Türk Year of Turkish Natural Stones in the World ği in accordance with this strategy, Kahyaoğlu continued: Un In order to declare a 'year' on a worldwide issue, we need to apply to Unesco. However, due to the calves that our country has been exposed to recently, we did not give us the possibility that Unesco would make a positive contribution to this issue and declared ourselves. We are citizens of the world, and we think we have the right to such a thing. As natural natural stone exporters, we will not leave any place in the world at 2017. There are so many places we can't reach yet. With a budget of TL million, we will introduce the Turkish natural stone worldwide. We will increase our exports. ”

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Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr


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