2016.KIK meeting decisions were announced 2 year

The 2016.KİK meeting of 2 was announced: The last Board of Directors meeting of the year was held on 24 November 2016 date between the authorized union and TCDD General Directorate. The meeting was chaired by TCDD Deputy General Director İsmail Murtazaoğlu. Can Cankesen, General Manager of Transportation Employees Union, Vice Chairman Ibrahim Uslu, Kenan Çalışkan and General Directorate of Turkish State Railways attended the meeting.

Among the 42 items discussed at the meeting, there were also headlines that we forwarded as YOLDER to the agenda of requesting the competent union to be put on the agenda. On the agenda of the 2016.KIK meeting of the 2 year, the issues and decisions on the agenda of our members are as follows;

1-To increase the quality of the clothes given to the personnel and to consider the seasonal conditions, planting, fabric quality and body compliance issues in order to eliminate differences in the inspection, control and acceptance committees to ensure the participation of the authorized union as an observer, (Support Services Head of Department)

-After inspection, inspection and inspection procedures will be carried out in strictness.

2-Appointment of the appropriate titles to the minimum wage of the staff falling from the group of health, (Head of Human Resources Department)

- Works are continuing in the context of restructuring.

Including 3-Izmir and Haydarpaşa Port personnel; opening of electronic transport taking into consideration all personnel transfer requests throughout the organization, (Human Resources Department)

-Electronic transplants 2017 will be opened in February.

4-Road Maintenance and Repair Manager to be paid for touring. To ensure that road inspectors receive compensation for the tour by filling the 5545 model instead of the expenses such as Facility Surveillance, (Head of Accounting and Finance Department)

- The decisions taken by the Administrative Courts are subject to the Council of State.

5-Road workers and other field and train personnel to provide protective clothing and appropriate body work clothes, (Human Resources Department)

-TCDD General Directorate was approved by the Board of Directors. TCDD and TCDD Transportation Inc. purchases separately.

6-Road Maintenance Repair Chief, Wagon Service Chief, Chief Supervisor at all levels such as Logistics Chief Warehouse Chief, and appointments in the offices of the principal delegates instead of assignments, (Head of Human Resources Department)

- TCDD Transport and TCDD General Directorate of Infrastructure is going to be separated as two separate general directorates and 2017 is planned to open the Rise and Title Change exams prior to May.

7-Motion Officer, Wagon Technician, Facility Surveillance, Logistics Officer, Road Surveyor, Train Registrar, staff elimination, such as the elimination of the staff, (Human Resources D. Chairman)

- Transitions from other titles are planned by planning and also the deficits in these titles will be solved by opening the Rise of Title and Change of Title examinations.

8-Traffic Inspection and Coordination, Gar, Loko Maintenance, Warehouse and Road Maintenance and Maintenance Directorates and Road Maintenance and Repair Chiefs, (Chief of Staff)

- Once the configuration is completed, the necessary staff arrangement will be re-done.

Change of title as repair and maintenance personnel of road and gate control officers working at 9-Regional Directorate workplaces, (Head of Human Resources Department, Railway Maintenance Department, 5. Region)

10-Opening and examinations of the promotion and title change regulations shall be opened as soon as possible, to ensure that the TCDD subsidiaries shall remove the regulations of their promotion and title change themselves. (Head of Human Resources Department)

- Preparations are in progress. Exams will be opened for the titles needed after the configuration process is finished.

11 - Cancellation of the fines given to the personnel who took extra meals while working on the train,

- The fines have been canceled.

12-2016 In April, the 641 Named Tamim and Eskişehir-Kütahya-Demirciören line were included in the lines of Electric Train Operation and the payment of iş Kataner Indemnity ah to the personnel working here (Human Resources Department)

- Kataner compensation payments are made to the personnel working in this region.

13-Seeking the condition of being a vocational high school graduate only in the transition to the missionary level in the rise of the position, (Human Resources Department)

- Only necessary arrangements will be made for our current personnel.

14-3. The period is paid to Engineers, Technicians and Technicians who are the winners of the Collective Bargain.

2017 in 4. It will be resolved in the period collective agreement.

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