2 Million 200 Thousand Capital EGO uses CEP application

2 million 200 thousand capitals are using the EGO CEP application: In EGO Cep, it has become an indispensable habit of the passengers who want to learn the stop location, the arrival time of the bus to the station, the bus line and the traffic density on the route.

The number of people who use the application of EGO CEP, which has become one of the services that the city buses use most frequently and use in the daily life for 5 years, has increased to 2 million 200 thousand.

361 a thousand passengers a day will actively take advantage of this application to find out which bus line to go to, from the location of the stop, the arrival time of the bus to a stop, an unknown location.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide fast and qualified service with its smart city projects in many areas, has become a pioneer in the world with EGO CEP in the field of transportation.

Traveling with buses, the daily 750 is implemented for the citizens of the EGO CEP, with the transportation information system, which is the most valuable thing in terms of urban people, "time" loss is eliminated.

The system in the EGO CEP that EGO General Directorate of Data Processing has developed and put into use since November 2011; It is installed on Android, iOS and Windows compatible smart phones.
Passengers who want to know which bus line to go to another point, where the bus arrives at the stop, the arrival time of the bus, and the traffic density on the route, is benefiting from the application of EGO CEP for 5 years.

Thanks to the application that contains transportation information, the people of the capital city plan their transportation from their homes to their stops. With alarm setting feature, it gives warning time for specific hours and days, so the bus is warned by the user before coming to the stop.

The application of EGO CEP, which started to be used by the capitalists from the first day it was included in the system, continues to offer innovations to the passengers who are also user with the features developed over time.

According to the information provided by EGO officials; EGO CEP application, which includes hundreds of users every day, is registered in the system of 2 million 200 thousand people. The application is actively used by 300 thousand people daily, 42 thousand with smart phones, 11 thousand from EGO's website, 8 thousand with short message system SMS, 361 thousand with ALO SES.

On the system screen, there is primarily a language option for foreigners. Then there are options such as çıkıy Call line, stop and address, Where is stop? How can I go? Dur. By entering the stop number of 5 digit in the stops, information about the station and the line passing through the station are reached. The 7 348 stall, which has been stalled, is also provided for citizens to benefit from this convenience.

EGO CEP, which is added every year by adding new features, has been added to the application with Ankarakart, which is the city transportation card this year. The new feature installed on smartphones requires you to enter the 16 number on the front of the Ankarakart after clicking the Ankarakart section on the screen.

After arriving at Ankarakart page, the balance information in the system and the last 1 monthly usage of the card history can be questioned and the nearest loading points can be learned. In addition to these transactions, users who want to, EGO CEP'te application, Ankarakart'a online, with the credit card (money) loading process can also do.

In addition to the transactions made via smart phones, passengers who use smart phones do not have smart features, SMS and voice messages, transportation information and Ankarakart balance can learn.

For this, it is enough to write the whole 16 figure or 8 number on the front face of Ankarakart and send it as an SMS to the 312 911 3 911 phone number.

If the number of the veya Stop Number in space with the same number is sent by writing gel Line Number otobüs, the response of the buses or buses to the station is taken as an SMS.

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