The cargo 2.5 will increase between China and Germany

Germany's rail company Deutsche Bahn announced that the cargo transported between China and Germany, which is the longest railway in the world, will reach 2.5 container by 2020 to 2.5.

2016 thousand containers in the statement said that the 40 in two years, the figure was announced last year 35 bin.Deutsche Bahn board member Ronald Pofalla said in a statement, 2020'den 100 said that this number can go up to thousand.

It is known that the Trans-Eurasian railway is 10 bin-12 with a length of one thousand kilometers and passes through Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Also known as the üyor Silk Road X, transportation on this line runs between 12-16 days. This route is preferred because it is faster than sea transportation and cheaper than air transportation.

Germany-China railway, 2008 began to operate in.

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