2017 budget of the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir 4 billion 950 million pounds

2017 budget of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 4 billion 950 million liras: 2017 budget of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was accepted as 4 billion 950 million pounds. 244 investment project for approximately 2.3 billion pounds of resources that they allocate President Aziz Kocaoglu, 2014-2019 period will realize the total amount of investment will exceed 8 billion pounds, he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2017 has set the year targets. According to 2017 Year Performance Program and Financial Budget, which was approved by a majority vote in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, 4 budget determined as 950 billion 2017 million TL increased by 10.37 increase compared to the previous year. The budget for the 244 project was allocated to 2 billion 284 million pounds share investment. In the budget of 2017, construction of tram lines and purchase of vehicles, Homer Boulevard-Otogar Connection Road, overpass and overpass works on highways, Üçyol -TeunazTepe Campus-Buca-Koop, F.Altay-Narlıdere District Metro lines, Izmir Opera House, signaling system development, Milk Lamb Project, car park construction, fire brigade and asphalt and expropriation investments were first expanded. Aiming to reduce carbon emission up to 2020, the Metropolitan Municipality has also allocated 400 million TL for its environmental investments.

Investment record breaks
The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu responded to the criticism of the Justice and Development Party Group one by one. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality investments are constantly increasing, pointed out that the President Kocaoglu, 2004 - 2009 1 945 million liras in the amount of investment, the 2009 - 2014 4.5 billion pounds, 2014 - 2016 4 billion 953 years between the years reached 2 thousand pounds, he said. 5 8 annual investment in the amount of 1 billion pounds will continue to exceed this year, the President stressed the amount of investment, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the figure for the expropriation 639 billion XNUMX million pounds until today, he said.

“My words were manipulated“
In his speech during the budget talks last week, he pointed out that ESHOT's burden was increased due to discounted and free boarding trips, but this statement was manipulated. Ücretsiz Our 13 knows how we eat yogurt for years. We government 'her-you do it for free' regulation is issued. ESHOT is hurting. We have said that the central government should somehow meet a certain amount of transport allowance, but otherwise in the SCT. Otherwise, we have not looked at any of our citizens in another way. Bir

Court of Accounts responded
Underlining that the strategic plans prepared by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were not prepared in the form of yap let us sleep and get up in the morning and do this oğlu, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said al The performance plan and budget we made in accordance with the strategic plan are clearly stated in the TCA reports. He said in the reports, 'Your municipality is appropriate to the goals and indicators, accountable, transparent has been found to be' he says.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who responded to criticism that rail system investments were not made, said:

Or Tramway works are continuing rapidly. We have finished our rail system works which will extend the İZBAN line to Selçuk. When the TCDD is finished signaling, we will activate the line. The date given to us is the month of September of 2017. In addition, we decided to build a station with TCDD and Belevi. Its construction continues. Why is Narlıdere Metro waiting? You know what? I went to the Ministry of Development; I met. The project is ready. She'il be signed. We will take the tender when it comes to signing. Z

”We will raise Bornova Stadium“
Responding to criticism that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality does not allocate enough resources to the sports facilities in the budget, Chairman Kocaoğlu said:
“Metropolitan Municipality is the Minister of Youth and Sports. Karşıyaka Indoor Sports Hall and Halkapınar Indoor Sports Hall were built by the Metropolitan Municipality. We have built 25 indoor gymnasium in the surrounding settlements. I'm not counting fields. You shouldn't eat your right; Sports Ministry did. He built the tennis courts in Örnekköy. It was a really perfect location but they don't run. They put it in the fridge. 'You hold the teacher we carry the children, the plant does not rot' we said. We repeat this issue every time the Provincial Director. We finished Bornova Stadium. We're raising it now. His project is over; we will tender. Tire Stadium is completed quickly. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is responsible for culture, museums, excavations and expropriation of historical sites. But we provide financing for all the excavations in İzmir from Ildırı to Yeşilova, from Smyrna to Foça, from Claros to Teos and Agora. Restorations included. This is the duty of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. ”

”They didn't even give the straw!“
Reminding that they took over the 95 of the services of the Special Administration closed, Mayor Kocaoğlu said that they did not buy anything from the Special Administration property and said, hizmet The man gives a trash! Tapunda, the machine was abandoned. 'Take that straw fell to the Metropolitan,' he says. Is it zero? What kind of understanding? We handed it over to the court, all of the machines were handed over to us. We also checked out the paperwork and handed these tools to the district municipalities. We paid rent for the building of a political elder, I said that I wanted to give the building (I wanted the new building of the Special Provincial Administration) to give us the 'building'. I have a sensitive subject. Don't touch 'he said. Then the sensitive issue arose. This time the building was given to the Directorate of National Education. Who is the municipality of this municipality? P

Tension in the Assembly
AKP Group SözcüSu Ali Kökoğuz stated that he did not comply with the strategic plan. It is the honor of the word and signature person in tradesmen and traditions. It was his honor as an execution üzerine there was tension in the meeting on his sentences. Mayor Kocaoğlu, 15 took a break for the session as the debate continued.

Kökoğuz, who spoke again after the interruption, said, “The environment became tense due to the wrong meaning. Maybe I have a share of it. I'm sorry for all of you. If I have something that exceeds my intentions, I am very, very sorry if I have caused a misunderstanding Kast. Mayor Kocaoglu also talked about the tension, without speaking names, yaş Everything happens. But we will put our hands on our conscience. We are the mayor and the councilor. These things will end tomorrow. It's no use to be insulting and insulting. Therefore, I would like to invite all our friends for their calm, criticism and contribution. Onun Mayor Kocaoglu stated that the budget approved with the majority of votes will be beneficial to İzmir and finished his speech as follows:

Ğ People living in this city know what Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is doing, how it works, what principles it fits. We won't praise ourselves. The person who works in the ayinesi cannot be looked after. We are trying to be worthy of our ketlim with our works, trying to meet their needs in the best way and we will continue to work. Biz

Aydoğan: yar Half of religion is insaf Ayd
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Sırrı Aydoğan answered the criticism of “Green space shortage ini for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality:

Inde The Treasury holds the property. These goods should be kept for use in public service in the future. However, it has been sold in an incredible way in recent years. Official facilities are sold, even parks are sold. Does a man put a bullet in his own foot? Who sold the 100 land, the green area in Mavişehir? 45 saw something like this for the first time in my local management life. Who sold the areas to be afforested in Buca? It is said that the share allocated to rural support projects is low. Local development model in rural areas started with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. Provincial Special Administration, Provincial Council for years, the village could not make the way between the city, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has paved the way all the plain roads. Half of religion is invisible! You're gonna criticize, but you're gonna put your hand in your conscience. It is not right to criticize the works that we are going to tender for.

Stunning benchmarking between Ankara and Izmir
In his speech, CHP Councilor Kenan Çakar answered the AKP Group's criticism of the budget by giving examples from other cities. Izmir, Turkey's largest city, although the taxpayer's share of public investment for the government's emphasis on age is very low, said:
Yıl Let's take a look at the differences between 2004 and 2012 year. In 2004, the share of Izmir for public investments is 426 million, Ankara's 574 million. A very fair distribution according to Ankara's population, the advantage of being the capital. Izmir, the second city in terms of tax revenues that most tax according to the population of Turkey. We're in 2007. The share of Izmir 428 million, Ankara's share of 1 billion pounds. 2.5 doubled. We're in 2012. Turkey's second city of Izmir again for their contribution to the share of taxes .. Al 704 million pounds. The share of Ankara is 3 billion 553 million pounds. That is the 5 floor of Izmir .. in

Turkey's largest city of 18 500 million billion pounds Age reminiscent of the amount of borrowing in the budget that 4 600 million billion, "This is the 25 percent of the budget. When we make such a comparison, we see that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has escaped from borrowing. In 2005, the budget of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was 500 million pounds, while the debts were 1.8 billion liras, ie, 3.5 of budget. When we come to 2016, we are facing a total debt of 1.3 billion in the budget. The borrowing limit of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is 6 billion TL. When we look at the debts, we see that it is borrowed from projects that have a return, and that it is preferable to make investments with equity. This is a yogurt. Mr. President's own appreciation Say. In the 2017 budget, there are many important investments for the city, indicating that Çakar, the AKP Group is criticized on the grounds that the excess of the Park and Gardens Department allocated to the 220 million TL budget, 1 billion in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is £ 1 million million reminded me.

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