Prime Minister Yıldırım, Istanbul, 7 project is winning

Prime Minister Yıldırım, we are bringing 7 projects to Istanbul: 5 of them are over. Ankara-Istanbul high speed train project, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osman Gazi Bridge and Istanbul-Izmir highway, Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel.
AK Party President and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım spoke at his party's TBMM Group Meeting.
Highlights of Prime Minister Yıldırım's comments are as follows:
“For 14 years, our nation has never decreased its support from us. The AK Party is the nation's party of the nation. AK Party is the party born out of the nation's belief and longing. AK Party is the name of the love of service to the nation. We also strive to be worthy of this trust by working with heart and soul.
Although we are in the midst of a difficult geography, we are a stable country. We strive for development, confidence and stability of our country. The unity and peace of our nationality has always been our priority. Turkey today is removed after each crisis stronger than yesterday. With Ekomi, we are stronger with investment. Because we came to serve the nation, not to master. Our nation's trust in us has been our greatest support.
Since our last group meeting, we have continued our work with an intense agenda. Coming to our country, we continued our meetings with the rulers of countries who showed their solidarity due to the July 15 coup. We held our 25th consultation meeting in Afyon. During our two-day consultation meetings, we reviewed our nation's expectations from us. We assessed what we need to do for the future of Turkey. We set out with the roadmap necessary to realize new goals and new ideas. We know very well what our nation expects from us. Others may try to run the political ship by throwing mud. But we will continue to serve our nation by working.
We perform ongoing Turkey Investment Advisory Council meeting in Turkey for 8 years. This year, 21 major global companies joined. The total turnover of these companies is around 20 billion dollars. The purpose of this meeting and future expectations of the evaluation of investment in Turkey and is taking new decisions. Feton of persistently trying to spread terror organizations, 'the economy is distorted in Turkey' perceptions contrary to the propaganda put forward by global investors will continue to increase the confidence in the direction of Turkey. Large firms Turkey in the Middle East, Central Asia, they decided to turn it into a management base for Africa. Some have set up their infrastructure, they are managing their activities in Turkey from 80-90 countries. global investment not only in Turkey, all investments in the region are monitored. We have addressed all current economic issues, especially the economy and structural reforms, the MTP and our 2017 budget. Council members, we listen to their ideas for improving the economy and investment in Turkey. The most important aspect of speeding up investments in Turkey's crisis tangentially behind the passing of the 2009 crisis. Turkey has come at the beginning of the few countries that perform 2009 consecutive quarters of growth, except in 27.
We held the Defense Industry Executive Commission meeting. We can briefly say the decisions we have taken as follows: We have given approval for the realization of 26 projects in order to strengthen our defense ability and strengthen our deterrence infrastructure. The total cost is $ 4,1 million. At this meeting, we also take our decision about coming to Turkey in 35 that the first batch of F-2018 aircraft including Turkey. The new generation of fighter aircraft will be united increase the defense capability of Turkey with the project. It will contribute to stability, trust and peace in the region. It's in the construction of aircraft in Turkey. parts that make up 50 percent of the cost will be in Turkey, there will be mounted. The investment in the defense industry in 14 years is 35 billion dollars. We know that our armed forces have a lot to do to strengthen the hardware. In our studies, we decided to increase the resources allocated to R&D in order to benefit from new technologies.
We celebrated the 93rd anniversary of our national republic on Saturday. We wish God's mercy to all our martyrs who reveal their lives for the independence and future of this country, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, one of the founders of the Republic. We commemorate all our martyrs with mercy and gratitude that have given their lives for the sake of protecting their homeland, nation and independence since then. Our commitment to achieve great goals in its 100th establishment continues exactly. We are walking to the future with strong steps with giant works.
We opened the Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station on October 29. It is the 200th largest train station in Europe with a closed area of ​​6 thousand square meters. This station building is not just a place where passengers can get on and travel from six platforms. At the same time, it will be a life center where 24 thousand people will come and go 150 hours a day. With Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, our breakthrough in railways in recent years will go even further. Turkey accounts for 55 percent of the population of our province will spread fast train line. Ankara will be the place where all the high speed train lines meet.
We held the Istanbul Extended Provincial Advisory Council meeting on October 30. We have reviewed our future investments once again. We bring 7 projects to Istanbul. 5 of them are over. Ankara-Istanbul high speed train project, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osman Gazi Bridge and Istanbul-Izmir highway, Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel. We believe that it is difficult to do right away, it takes some impossible time. This project is such a project. Two projects left. One of the largest airports in the world. We are launching the first phase of the airport, which some people mocked and some protested with Gezi protests, in 2018. In this state, it has a capacity of 90 million. The Ministry of Transport has greatly completed the 7th major work of Kanal Istanbul. It will become a living center, not a waterway project. Tender for the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge. If nothing goes wrong, we hit the first pickaxe in March 2017. What has changed in Turkey, Turkey's oil, he found the burial? The mentality has changed. The AK Party, who loves the country and the nation and sees the service as a worship, has come. Stability, trust came, all roads were opened.




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