Duel on the Voldemort and Dumbledoredan commuter train

Duel on the suburban train from Voldemort and Dumbledore: Those who went to work in the morning on a suburban train in Moscow, the capital of Russia, found themselves in an environment where 'spells were flying in the air' as characters from the Harry Potter books entered the wagon.

In Moscow, on a suburban train unlike the Hogwarts Express, which transports students to Hogwarts school in Harry Potter books and movies, someone was spotted trying to sell a fragrance he said was very suitable for the 'chamber of secrets'.

Dressed as one of the Harry Potter characters, the wizard Dumbledore, this person tries to sell his other products, which he says is 'approved by the Ministry of Magic', while the main villain of the series, Lord Voldemort, enters the wagon.

As Voldemort plays his guitar and tells him he will take over Potter, an old woman in the carriage is heard complaining and saying "she doesn't understand anything." Later, Voldemort tells that the train is his field, and leaves himself on Dumbledore, but loses the battle to his opponent, 'the only wizard he feared'.

On the other hand, Dumbledor and Voldemort's head could have gotten into trouble if they were spotted by the police. Because it is forbidden to sell public transport in Russia.



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